Thursday, June 30, 2011

How to Make Stuffed Animals eBook

Our eBook on making stuffed animals is available through Earthschooling at the BEarth Institute! 

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Crochet eCourse Trailer

Here's a quick clip from the middle of our first lesson on crocheting!  You are welcome to register for the eCourse any time over the next 5 weeks.  Work at your own pace and enjoy learning the basics of crocheting and Tunisian crocheting! 

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Peace Flags on Flag Day

Flag Day in the US is a special day for us to honor the American flag.  We usually talk about what the red/white/blue, stars & stripes mean in the flag, and enjoy looking at pictures of old American flags.  We also like to take time looking at flags from around the world. The colors! The shapes! So beautiful.  This year, Ricky showed us his own drawing of the American flag from his 8th grade Main Lesson Book.

Recently, we went through a nice pile of old clothes where the material was still good, but quite not in shape to give away.  Joey & Wilson went through the pile and selected colors that they liked.  Joey cut out triangles and squares.  Mommy cut strips from old white jeans and sewed them together, then sewed the little flags on. 

With embroidery thread, we sewed little stars at the top of each flag.

Today, we will hang up our peace flags in our new meditation are in the back yard and talk about ways that we can encourage peace on Earth.  Over time, we might embroider symbols and shapes on each flag.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Global Waldorf Expo!

Come and join the Global Waldorf Expo online through The Waldorf Connection.  You must be registered in order to attend: Click here.  A wealth of information and inspiration!

Workshop Schedule

Friday, June 10
Kick-0ff Preview: “The Importance of Waldorf Education”
With Rainbow Rosenbloom: 4:00pm Eastern

Saturday, June 11
Session one: “ It’s All Relative; Helping Your Child Meet the ‘Real’ World”
With Eugene Schwartz: 9:30 am Eastern

Session Two: “Cooking & Snacks with Children”
With Anne Marie Fryer: 11am

Session Three: “Practical Ways to Teach Multiple grades”
With Barbara Dewey: 1pm

Session Four: “Getting Dad on Board”
With Melisa & Eric Nielsen: 2:30 pm

Session Five: “Spinning a Yarn: Intuitive Storytelling”
With David Sewell McCann: 4pm

Session Six: “Music Through the Grades”
With Anne Cleveland: 5:30 pm

Sunday, June 12
Session one: “Kindergarten Days”
With Sharifa Oppenheimer: 9:30am

Session Two: “Mothers and Sons: The Dance of Attachment & Separation”
With Janet Allison: 10:30am

Session Three: “Weaving Math into Main Lesson”
With Marin Lipowitz: 12:00am

Session Four: “Festivals through the Year”
With Jennifer Tan: 1pm eastern

Session Five: Scheduling Middle & High School Lessons
With Kristie Burns: 2:30pm

Session Six: The Sense of Life in the Young Child”
with Danielle Epifani 4:00pm

Session Seven: “Teaching music to your child: You can do it!”
With Jodie Mesler: 5:30pm

Session Eight: “The Soul of Discipline”
With Kim John Payne TBA

Eugene Schwartz: “Homeschool Planning”
Donna Ashton: “Daily Rhythms & Boundaries”
Anne Cleveland: “Main Lesson Topics- grade by grade”

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Crochet eCourse!

Learn the basics of crochet and Tunisian crochet through a 5-week eCourse at Little Acorn Learning!  Jennifer will be teaching this course online through written directions, pictures and videos each week. 

Save $ when you register early!  $65 by June 12, or $80 after June 12.  Course starts June 27th.  Work at your own pace from home!  Supplies available in our Etsy shop. More info. and to register:

Week 1 - Basics of crochet, history, supplies, start a washcloth
Week 2 - Learn 3 new stitches and start an afghan
Week 3 - Learn 3 new stitches and start a hat
Week 4 - Basics of Tunisian crochet, history, supplies, start a scarf
Week 5 - Learn new stitches and start a ball

Friday, June 3, 2011

Growing and Growing....

Syrendell is growing!  Our family and our business are blossoming this year, and we feel very fortunate. 

Baby #4 is due early October.  With each baby, Jennifer's belly seems to pop out earlier! 

Joey is ending her Grade 6 year with Medieval Games (variety of Waldorf schools participate) and camping at Cache Creek.  She's almost as tall as Mommy!

Wilson is finishing up Grade 1, reading, writing and loving math.  He grew out of his indoor shoes, so he and Mommy made a new pair by wetfelting wool.  He's excited about the baby!

The baby kittens are almost full grown.  They still love to hang out with their mom. 

Ricky has grown this year in grade 8 at Davis Waldorf School.  He did a 20-minute presentation on the clarinet, including performing his own composition.  To end the year, his class went to Kroka wilderness camp in New Hampshire and visited colonial sites in Boston, MA.

Our summer garden is planted, and growing!  Corn, peas, beans, pumpkins, watermelon, cantaloupe, various squash, tomatoes, onions, beets, radishes, daikon, rutabaga, potatoes, carrots, bell peppers, hot peppers, tomatillos, strawberries, cucumbers, and a variety of herbs. 

Our consulting services, workshops, and private lessons are expanding at Syrendell!  We thoroughly enjoy our adventures with homeschoolers, Waldorf schoolers, and others who want to learn more about fiber arts, art, aromatherapy and music.  eCourses in crocheting and Anthroposophy coming soon through Little Acorn Learning!

New patterns, eBooks, handwork supplies and handspun yarns are in the making for the Etsy shop.  The baby is inspiring Jennifer to create some Tunisian baby clothes and patterns, as well as publish the 6-years-in-the-making mothering meditations eBook.  The family is also busy crochetng, knitting and sewing baby toys and clothes!  Grandma knitted the white hats, and Wilson knitted the bear and cat.

Growth and change are all a part of life...and we are enjoying it!  Thank you for reading our blog and joining us on Facebook.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

June Enrichment Guide is Here!

Come and take a peek at the Little Acorn Learning June Enrichment Guide!  Full of songs, recipes, verses, stories and creative projects.  A wonderful resource for home, homeschooling, Waldorf schools, and co-ops.

Week One:  Pirates & Treasures, Discovery

Week Two:  Fireflies, Optimism

Week Three:  Summer Solstice, Letting Go

Week Four:  Reptiles, Adaptability