Saturday, February 26, 2011

March Guide eBook Available!

These beautiful monthly enrichment ebooks follow the rhythm of a weekly theme with the flexibility that teachers, homeschoolers and afterschooling parents need to enrich their children's Waldorf learning experience at home or school. Some of Syrendell's crafts are shared in the March Guide!

Week One, March
Fairies & Dragons, Magic

Week Two, March
The Season of Lent, Sacrifice

Week Three, March
St. Patrick's Day, Luck

Week Four, March
Spring's Return, New Life

Week Five, March
Rainbows, Creating Color

For more details on each week's wonderful activities and a sample of the beautiful songs you will teach your children - visit Little Acorn Learning

Monday, February 21, 2011

Raw Vegan Condiments

Some easy-to-make dips and sauces for the whole family!  Raw and vegan, keeping the enzymes and nutrients intact.  Great for salads, sandwiches, and more.  We rarely keep track of exact measurements of anything, but in general, we start off blending the nuts or seeds with the veggies slowly, and add more items in as we go.  The Vita-Mix works very well for blending.  Add more oil, vinegar, lemon or water to water down or make more creamy.  Nuts and seeds may be soaked before blending.  A fun project to make with the kids, practicing measuring, harvesting, preparing. Play around with ratios and suprise the whole family!  Excellent books with raw vegan recipes found here.

Sunny Cauliflower Dressing
Sunflower Seeds
Raw Apple Cider Vinegar
Braggs Liquid Aminos
Braggs Olive Oil
Fresh Parsley and Dill (or dried)
Onions or Green Onions
Fresh Squeezed Lemon or Lime

Red Bell Pepper Dip
Red Bell Pepper
Raw Cashews
Raw Apple Cider Vinegar

Braggs Liquid Aminos or Nama Shoyu Soy Sauce
Braggs Olive Oil
Fresh Parsley
Dash of Chili Pepper
Fresh Squeezed Lemon

Olive Tapenade
Raw Apple Cider Vinegar
Braggs Liquid Aminos or Nama Shoyu Soy Sauce
Braggs Olive Oil
Fresh Parsley
Fresh Squeezed Lemon

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Form Drawing

Want to come learn about Form Drawing? Jennifer and Rick will be presenting a visual teleseminar through The Waldorf Connection on Thursday Feb. 17 at 1pm PST/4pm EST.  Free! *There will be a 48-hr free replay

 This will be a Visual Power-Point presentation so that you can "see" examples and learn about Form Drawing.

What will be covered on this call?
*What is form drawing?
*Why is it important (its more than for good hand writing)
*Who needs to learn it?
*When & How do we teach Form Drawing?
*How to incorporate Form Drawing into our lessons

Come watch this workshop on web!  It is suggested that you use the webcast link so you can VIEW this as well as listen.

Here is the link to view workshop on the web:

If you prefer to listen over the phone: 801-656-2240 ID: 006647#, or back-up number 704-804-5068 ID: 006647#

Skype: and useID: 006647#

We have also set up a *special* for Waldorf Connection participants. Hope to see you on later today!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

Today is the day when we sing to each child and present a small gift that is either homemade by us, or a Waldorf inspired business on Etsy. 
Felted Gnome from the Jaunty Gnome 

Waldorf Boy Doll by Under the Bodhi Tree Designs

 Simple Love Song
I love Wilson, yes I do
He's the cutest boy I know
He's so handsome and so sweet
Singing to him is such a treat! (or substitute "singing" with "holding", "hugging", "kissing", etc.)

The children made caramel and felted hearts for their friends.

And watercolor cards for each other.

The night will end with a dinner featuring organic red strawberries, wild cherries and a berry smoothie!  Mommy and Daddy might take a little time to enjoy dessert out on the town.  We are so thankful for the love that we share on this special day of the year.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Anthroposophy 101 ECourse

A song celebrating the seasons, a story about gnomes, children jumping in puddles, crafts of felted wool - a picture of Waldorf. When people are intrigued about this educational stream, they ask, "Where did this come from?" When you say Steiner and anthroposophy, most will be puzzled. Steiner? Anthropo-what? For those who are eager to learn more about this cutting edge Renaissance man, and the spiritual foundation that sparked Waldorf education, Anthroposophy 101 is for you.

Anthroposophy 101 is a deliciously intriguing sampler of Waldorf and anthroposophy presented by Dr. Rick Tan through Little Acorn Learning. An informal and interactive format allows you to reflect on the basics of anthroposophy, while expressing your artistic nature. Dr. Tan, a Waldorf teacher, artist, musician - a Renaissance man himself, offers his personal thoughts and insights. He aims for you to find your own creative and spiritual paths.

This six week ecourse will cover the following topics:

* Human Wisdom (1 week)
* Steiner's Renaissance (1 week)
* Cosmos and Earth (1 week)
* Waldorf Stream (1 week)
* Five Spheres (1 week)
* Human Freedom (1 week)

Join Little Acorn Learning's Very First ECourse Offering, and at your convenience, follow the directed exercises, learn a little something about anthroposophy, and learn a little something about yourself!

ECourse Begins February 27th and is 'Work-As-You-Go' Each Week with New Lesson Plans and Inspiration Posted Weekly for a Duration of Six Weeks. You Check in When You Have Time.

Only $100 for the ENTIRE Six Week Session!

To Reserve a Space: