Friday, July 29, 2011

Birthday Rings

We have always wanted a birthday ring that we could also use on our nature table for festival celebrations, including Advent.  One of our local Waldorf dads handcrafts these beautiful rings and sells them in his Etsy shop.  We asked for one unfinished so that we could paint it ourselves!

The wood is sycamore which is already so beautiful on its own.  We tested out how it would look on our kitchen table and in our nature table area.

Wilson and Mommy decided to paint rainbow colors using our Stockmar watercolors.  Then, we polished them with natural beeswax polish. 

Now, the birthday ring is ready!  It's so beautiful, we have it out in the kitchen right now.  When the new baby is born around October, we will use it to celebrate the birth with a candle.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Spring and Summer Swaps & Exchanges

We love participating in swaps and exchanges!  They are wonderful ways of meeting the nicest families, while giving and receiving beautiful handcrafted items for our home and nature table.  Much of what we give and receive is Waldorf-inspired.

Items that we created for the Gnomes, Hedgehogs, Mushroom Swap

This year, we have continued to enjoy being a part of Bits of Goodness swaps, including the "gnomes, mushrooms and hedgehogs" theme!  We send out 5 items to be swapped, and 1 item for the hostess.  Then, we receive 5 different items back.  Coming up is a "summer play" swap and we eagerly sent out our handcrafted streamer sticks.  Can't wait to see what we get back!

Items that we received in the Gnomes, Hedgehogs, Mushrooms Swap

We have also participated in the 4 Seasons Exchange which is a one-on-one exchange each season.  Here is Spring:

Items that we received in the Spring Exchange

Items that we gave in the Spring Exchange

And, here is Summer!

Items that we received in the Summer Exchange

Items that we gave in the Summer Exchange

Both groups have groups where you can see pictures posted.  Bits of Goodness runs a yahoogroup where you can sign up for swaps and see more information.  4 Seasons Exchange is on Facebook.  What I love about the 1-1 exchanges is that we write a letter to the family, telling them what we made and why.  It is such a joy to see handcrafted items from different parts of the world come to us for our nature table.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Summer Ideas!

Looking for summer ideas for your family?  The Little Acorn Learning July Enrichment Guide is here!

Week One, July

The Mermaid, Independence
~Sing Songs of Mermaids!
~Take Time for Yourself with Our Caregiver Meditation
~Create a Beautiful Felted Mermaid
~Make a Mermaid Aquarium for Summer Play
~Read Poems to Your Children
~Make a Mermaid Costume with Wrist Ribbons!

Week Two, July
Stargazing, Reverence
~Spend Time this Week Considering What Reverence Means in Your Life
~Making a Felted Big Dipper
~Draw Down the Stars to Your Soul with Our Star Singing Activity
~Read Stories from a Summer Night Sky and Learn About Constellations
~Read Books All About the Stars and Sky

Week Three, July
The Great Outdoors, Solitude
~Celebrate The Great Outdoors with Your Children this Week!
~Read Books on the Woods, Forests, Trees, Meadows and Brooks
~Can You Find Peace in Being Alone?
Meditate on the Beauty of Solitude This Week.
~Take a Listening Walk with Your Children
~Create an Outdoor Nature Table
~Learn to Play 'The Great Smoky Mountains'
On Your Flute or Pennywhistle
~Enjoy the MP3 of the Song As Well
~Listen to the Gifts of Solitude
~Cook Up a Delicious Batch of Caldron Chicken for Your Next Outdoor Adventure

Week Four, July
The Ocean, Inner Balance
~Read Stories of Waves, Sand and Sea
~Sing to the Ocean
~Find Inner Balance in Your Life
~Learn 'The Mighty Ocean' Song on Your Pennywhistle or Flute
~Listen to the MP3 Version of the Song with Sweet Children's Voices
~Make a Labyrinth in Your Own Backyard!
~Create Beautiful Seashell Candles
~Make a Seashell Sun to Hang for Summer