Tuesday, November 1, 2011

November Enrichment Guide - On Sale!

Four Full Weeks of Waldorf Crafting, Verses, Songs, Stories, Recipes, Caregiver Meditations, Adult Inner Work and Seasonal Celebrations in the November Enrichment Guide at Little Acorn Learning! Guide features some of Syrendell's work, including an owl hat crochet pattern, Thanksgiving verses, Day of the Dead clay vessels, and star lantern instructions.

Week One, November - Fire, Remembering Loved Ones
~Read Beautiful Books that help you Cherish Loved Ones Once Here.
~Celebrate the Element of Fire this week with your Children.
~Share Circle Time Songs of Autumn, Fire and Remembering
~Make Day of the Dead Clay Vessels
~Create and Honoring Table in Memory of Those You Love
~Make Glistening Votives to Light Up your Home
~Create Day of the Dead Memorial Candles
~Enjoy Autumn Fire Poetry
~Explore the Herb of Rosemary for Remembrance with the Children
~Remember Loved Ones with This Week's Caregiver Meditation
~Bake Soul Cakes

Week Two, November - Martinmas, Living Peacefully
~Read Stories of Peace and Saint Martin
~Share Songs of Lanterns, Light and Martinmas
~Create Martinmas Star Lanterns
~Learn the Song 'I Go With My Little Lantern' on your Pennywhistle or Flute and Listen to the
MP3 Version
~Explore Herbs for Living Peacefully in Your Home or School
~Share a Martinmas Puppet Show that Older Children Can Perform
~Read an Old Tale of St. Martin's Eve
~Meditate on Living Peacefully in Your Life and Work
~Treat those You Love to St. Martin Weckmann & Afternoon Tea

Week Three, November - The Owl, Wisdom
~Read Books of Owls and Wisdom
~Share Fingerplays and Songs for Circle Time
~Crochet a Sweet Owl Hat for the Children
~Read the Wise Wild Owl Poem
~Use Sage for Wisdom in Various Ways Throughout Your Home or School
~Create an Upcycled Wool Owl out of Old Sweaters

Week Four, November - Thanksgiving, Gratitude
~Read Stories of Thanksgiving and Gratitude

~Sing Songs at Circle Time with the Children this Week
~Enjoy Thanksgiving Verses
~Create a Beautiful Thanksgiving Leaf Mobile
~Use Rose for Herbal Gratitude this Week
~Build a Gratitude Tower in the Woods
~Cut Beautiful Autumn Leaf Paper 'Snowflakes'
~Make a Grateful Branch for Your Nature Space or Dinner Table
~What are You Grateful For? Meditate on This with This Week's Caregiver Meditation