Thursday, April 26, 2012

Welcome Baby Linden Faye!

Welcome to the family, Linden Faye Celestra Tan!

And now you all know why we've taken a bit of a break from blogging (besides the fact that our computers were so old and were having issues with uploading pictures onto Blogger!). It's been a blissful babymoon time here at Syrendell. Hopefully people who read this blog have been staying updated with us via Facebook and our monthly e-newsletter. We promise to start blogging more, soon!

A little after midnight on October 5, 2011, Jennifer went into labor. Rick filled up the water birthing tub that was patiently waiting in our little birthing retreat in the bedroom. The children and Rick hung our tie-dyed silks on the walls, put out fresh flowers from the yard, and Jennifer set up a little apothecary of essential oils, flower essences, herbal tincture,s and homeopathy to aid in a pleasurable birth.
At around 4:00am, Ricky, Joey and Wilson were woken up and came into the bedroom. Wilson got into the tub. Rick squeezed Jennifer's ankle during contractions as Jennifer meditated and breathed (hypnobirthing techniques). After about 15 minutes of descent and crowning with Jennifer on her knees holding onto the sides of the tub, saying, "the baby is coming...down, down, down", she felt the urge to face the side of the tub and lean over the edge.  At that moment, magic happened as the baby finished her spiral dance, being born peacefully into Jennifer and Rick's hands. The children looked in awe as their new baby sister's head was gently held out of the water -- then, a little cry and nursing within the first couple of minutes.

A bit later, the amazing midwife Rachel ( was called and she arrived to help with everything, including mixing up healing herbs, cleaning the tub, creating a happy birthday plate with a candle, nourishing fruit for mom, and singing to the baby.

Because Rachel did 6 weeks of postpartum check-ups for mom and baby, Jennifer did not leave the bed for a few days, or the house for a few weeks! Such an important, blissful time to just be with the baby.  Jennifer healed quickly due to staying home and using her own sitz bath herbs, Rachel's excellent herbal and manuka honey concoctions, and being surrounded by loving family.

Waldorf families brought yummy dinners to the door. Being able to relax at home during birth and beyond is an incredible experience!

Li has been enjoying being surrounded by two older brothers and an older sister.  Extended family have visited and shared their love with the baby.

Her name is made up of variations of family names.  Each of our children has 4 names that represent both sides of the family and the various ethnicities (English, Armenian, Croatian, Philippino and Chinese).
Linden:  English/Latin (graceful tree) paternal grandmother Erlinda Cerda Tan
Faye:  English (fairy) maternal Great-great grandmother Fay Wilson
Celestra: Philippino (heavenly) paternal grandfather Ricardo Celestra Tan, Jr.
Tan: Chinese paternal surname

And now, "Li" is six months old. She is truly a delight to behold as she observes us with her big eyes, scoots and rolls on the floor, and speaks to us in her special little language. We are so blessed....

Below is a little book filled with pictures of the pregnancy from week 7 on.

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