Thursday, March 31, 2011

April Enrichment Guide

April Enrichment Book eBook is out! (over 100 pages!)Four Full Weeks of Waldorf Crafting, Verses, Songs, Stories, Recipes, Caregiver Meditations, Adult Inner Work and Seasonal Celebrations, some written by Syrendell.

These beautiful monthly enrichment ebooks follow the rhythm of a weekly theme with the flexibility that teachers, homeschoolers and afterschooling parents need to enrich their children's Waldorf learning experience at home or school.

Week One, April
Spring Animals & Birds, Nurturing

Week Two, April
The Rain, Awakening

Week Three, April
Earth, Remaining Grounded

Week Four, April
Easter, Rebirth

For more details on each week's wonderful activities and a sample of the beautiful songs you will teach your children - visit  Little Acorn Learning.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Spring Handwork eBook!

Our Spring Handwork eBook is now available through Little Acorn Learning!

Little hands will be busy this Spring as they work along side their caregiver on sweet projects in this
Spring Handwork Ebook created just for Little Acorn Learning by Jennifer Tan of Syrendell.

This e-book is filled with verses, instructions on how to make a Spring Nature Table Gnome, Sunny Luminary, Beautiful Easter Spring Star and Needle Felted Baby Chicks. Also includes a list of suggested resources for people interested introducing handwork to their children at home or school.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Feng Shui in the Home

Implementing the basics of Feng Shui in your home can make a difference.  Positive energy flow, de-cluttered space, sacred spots, room color, furniture selection, elemental balance...all of these ideas and more can easily be done to provide an environment for your family that feels safe, peaceful, happy and warm.

Using the "Bagua" is one way to implement Feng Shui.  It is like a map that you can lay down onto the floor plan of your home (or office, homeschooling space, classroom, etc.).  Each area of the Bagua has a special connection to a part of your life.  Taking the time to arrange each area of your home can change the energy flow.

An easy way to learn about the Bagua is through our Bagua Journal, a colorful, easy-to-use eBook written by Rick who is a certified Feng Shui consultant.  It is available in our Etsy Shop for $8.  Rick also enjoys doing in-person and online consultations (email us if interested).  Working with Feng Shui in your home takes just a little bit a time, not a lot of money, and it feels great! 

Here's to a happy, positive, peaceful week in your home....

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Grade One Math - The Four Processes

We love how Waldorf introduces all four math processes together in Grade 1.  It just makes more sense, and it takes the fear factor out of multiplication and division.  Introducing stories and characters for each process brings the numbers to life, and the stories help children remember the function of each process.

Here are some pictures of Wilson with his home main lesson books, telling us stories about the characters and asking us for more math problems.

"A farmer digs three holes in the ground and plants two seeds in each hole." Child draws the picture, below, and figures out that 2+2+2=6, or 2x3=6.

Farmer Plus

Mr. Minus

Tommy Times

Mr. Divide

Friday, March 4, 2011

Early Spring Nature Table

Spring is coming, Spring is coming
Birdies build your nest.
Weave together, straw and feather
Doing each your best!
Doing each your best.

On some days in March, the sun is out here in Northern California!  Bulbs are blooming and Spring is almost here.  We always look forward to the transition from cold Winter to Sunny Spring.  Creating a new nature table together introduces pretty, pastel colors, flowers, and most of all...hope.

We start off with the kids taking everything down from Winter and cleaning the shelves.  A little Spring cleaning feels great!  Then, the kids go through the baskets of naturally-dyed silks and choose a color that reminds them of Spring.

We gather the first two daffodils that bloomed in our yard.  Our Davis home is still relatively new to us, so we were pleasantly surprised when daffodils popped up in the corner of our garden!

Daddy's hand-carved wood snail loves to make an appearance at some point.  Our little Spring dolls made from wood and naturally dyed wool and felt (from Mama Jude's on Etsy) look like flowers themselves.  Our friend squirrel carries a sign stating, "I love Spring!".  Lucy Leprechaun will make an appearance pretty soon with a clover in her hands. A crocheted fairy ring of felt flowers circle a beautiful handmade beeswax, egg-shaped candle by Jan Schubert of Bee Happy Candles.  I think that we will be reading Jan's book, The Sun Seed later this week! 

Happy Spring....

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Rhythm of the Home Spring Edition

Rhythm of the Home Spring edition is out! 
Rhythm of the Home is a quarterly online magazine specializing in natural living, handmade, and seasonal celebration. We unite the Waldorf and Montessori community through inspiring articles and projects.
We have two articles featured in this edition:
Rhythm of the Home also have an amazing give-away right now on their blog!  Come and enjoy this beautiful magazine, full of inspiration.