Wednesday, August 10, 2011

August Enrichment Guide is Here!

Wonderful August enrichment book from Little Acorn Learning (OVER 100 pages!).

Four Full Weeks of Waldorf Crafting, Verses, Songs, Stories, Recipes, Caregiver Meditations, Adult Inner Work and Seasonal Celebrations

Some of our articles are featured this month, including yoga poses for handwork, weaving, painting, and planting a healing garden. More information and to order online:

Week One, August - Wild Herbs & Flowers, Healing
~Sing Songs of Herbs and Flowers
~Make Homemade Herbal Soaps
~Create Scented Herb Wash
~Plant a Healing Garden with Your Children
~Enjoy Homemade Lavender Bubble Bath
~Make Herbal Acrostics
~Meditate on Healing Yourself Spiritual and Physically

Week Two, August - The Ladybug, Gentleness
~Read Stories of Gentleness and Ladybugs
~Learn Sweet Fingerplays and Songs
~Sew a Felt Ladybug Bracelet
~Paint Ladybug Pet Rocks
~Enjoy the Ladybug's Tea Poem
~Learn the Let's Find a Ladybug Song on Your Pennywhistle or Flute!
~Receive the MP3 Version of the Let's Find a Ladybug Song with Your Purchase
~Teach Your Child the Gentle Art Form of Wet on Wet Watercolor Painting
~Take Time for Your Spirit and Ponder Being Gentle with Yourself in this Life

Week Three, August - Starfish & Seahorses, Movement
~Share Movement Songs with the Children
~Read Stories of Starfish and Seahorses
~Sew a Seahorse Toy
~Create Beautiful Starfish out of Felt for Your Children
~Enjoy the Movement of Yoga
~Make a Sea Stars Banner to Decorate Your Home or School
~How do you find the balance necessary between Movement and Rest in your life?
Mediate on this and more in this week's Caregiver Meditation.

Week Four, August - The Unicorn, Imagination~Share Tales of Unicorns and Imagination
~Create a Unicorn Stuffed Toy
~Sing Songs and Move this Week!
~Make a Unicorn's Labyrinth
~Practice the Unicorn Song on Your Pennywhistle or Flute and Receive the MP3 Version with your August Enrichment Guide!
~Spend Time Weaving with Your Imagination with a Special Craft
~How can you create an environment which fosters Imagination in the children you care for?
What do you imagine for your life?

Friday, August 5, 2011

Syrendell on Squidoo!

Thanks to Lensmaster Sara Duggan of Mom with a Hook, we now have a beautiful Squidoo Lens!  Sara is truly amazing...she put this together for us so quickly and professionally.  We highly recommend her service for those who want to get their blogs, websites, Etsy shops or other web presence alive and connected online.  And, she's super-sweet and very creative!  Quite the fiber artist.  :)

Contact Sara through her blog or on Facebook.  You can also sign up for her e-newsletter. 

Here is our lens...come and take a peek, and please leave a comment in our guestbook!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

New eCourse -- Waldorf and Anthroposophy!


An exciting new ecourse begins on August 15th through Little Acorn Learning! 'The Five Spheres of Waldorf Education' will be led by Dr. Rick Tan.

This ecourse encapsulates the sweeping themes of this educational movement: Self, Relationships, Balance, Rhythm, and Course. Dr. Rick Tan will discuss one sphere per week and the relevant topics in anthroposophy and Waldorf that are connected with the sphere. Join us! Click here to register.