Monday, March 31, 2014

Organizing our Homeschooling

Staying organized as a homeschooling family is important. At times, it can feel like learning is taking over every space of the home! Here are some of the ways that we stay organized during the homeschool year.

We hung magnetic ropes on a wall to showcase recent artwork. It is easy and inexpensive. We rotate artwork and then store them away. Eventually, some watercolors get cut into cards, gift tags, notebook covers and book markers.

We dedicate one open bookcase for current books, projects, supplies and reference material. We found some magazine holders at a thrift shop and added chalkboard stickers on the sides. Handwork is kept in a basket that may be carried anywhere. A large basket with commonly used art and other supplies is on the floor.

We dedicate a space for a nature table...mantle, bar, top of bookcase or other spot.

A table space is clean and available for written work and artwork during the day, and is cleaned up before dinner each afternoon. 

We found an antique caddy for all of our writing and drawing supplies. Reused food jars and cylindrical gift boxes hold pens and paint brushes.

Sometimes, organizing feels like it takes as much time as planning! Daily, we organize and clean the table space. Weekly, we organize the bookcase. Seasonally, we rotate the nature table, artwork and reorganize the magazine holders in the bookcase. Curricula and supplies that are not being used will be stored in a bin in the garage, sold, gifted or recycled.