Wednesday, September 28, 2011

October Enrichment Guide is Here!

Four Full Weeks of Waldorf Crafting, Verses, Songs, Stories, Recipes, Caregiver Meditations, Adult Inner Work and Seasonal Celebrations.  Syrendell is a contributor each week! HUGE E-Book! (OVER 100 pages!)

Week One, October - Birds, Showing Kindness
~Learn and Share New Songs with the Children
~Read Books of Birds and Kindness
~Sew a Bird Mobile
~Participate in Seven Days of Increasing Kindness
~Make Birdseed Pinecones
~Learn a 'Sweet Song' on the Pennywhistle or Flute and Listen to the MP3 Version Sent Along with Your Ebook
~Craft a Beautiful 'Kindness Egg'
~Meditate on Cultivating Kindness in Your Life and the Lives of Others

Week Two, October - Woodworking, Honesty
~Sing Fun Songs as you Tap, Tap,Tap during Woodworking Week
~Read Books to the Children about Woodworking and Honesty
~Create Gorgeous Wooden Trees for Play or to Adorn Your Nature Table
~Read a Sweet Sparkle Story about a Wish Crystal - Included in Your Purchase is also a Link to the MP3 Version of this story by Master Storyteller, David Sewell McCann
~Carve Wooden Snails for the Children
~Spend Time this Week Listening Honestly to the Way You Communicate
Week Three, October - Cornhusks, Humility
~Make Beautiful Cornhusk Candle Holders
~Read Books of the Season and Theme this Week
~Sing Songs of Corn, Farmers and Autumn
~Cook Delicious Tamales for Your Family or School
~Create Flowers out of Cornhusks
~Use a Scroll Saw to Make Autumn Ladies and Indian Corn as Toys or for the Nature Table
~Spend Time Meditating on Being Humble in Life and Accepting Where Others are on Their Path

Week Four, October - Pumpkins, Illumination
~Sing about Witches, Pumpkins and More!
~Fill Your Basket with Books that Light Up the Week
~Bake Pumpkin Muffins with the Children
~Create Pumpkin Globe Lanterns to Illuminate Your Home or School
~Learn 'Orange Leaf' on the Pennywhistle or Flute and Listen to the MP3 Version Sent Along with Your Ebook
~Create a Beautiful Pumpkin Path to Bring in Halloween
~Meditate on Illumination and All of the Colors of Your Life

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Birth Photos and Art

Pregnancy and birth are a journey to remember.  This pregnancy, we are taking a lot of pictures and forming a baby book from 5 weeks pregnancy, on. 

5 Weeks

18 Weeks

Part of the baby book will feature artwork.  What do we think of when we say, "pregnant", "baby", "birth"?  Each person in the family has a different outlook -- a personal interpretation of what this special time means for us.

39-40 Weeks

Each of us created a piece of artwork by drawing over the past couple of months.  Once the baby is born, we will do this again.  It is fascinating to see the differences in the styles, medium choices and content. 

We look forward to including these beautiful pieces of artwork in the baby's book after she is born!

Wilson's Birth Art - Colored Pencils

Joey's Birth Art - Colored Pencils

Ricky's Birth Art - Pencil

Jennifer's Birth Art - Block Crayons

Rick's Birth Art - Oil Pastels

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Handwork eBooks

Need some ideas for handwork projects at home?  Our seasonal handwork eBooks are available through Little Acorn Learning.  Each one features a variety of handwork, verses and pictures.





Monday, September 12, 2011

Making a Silk Tepee

Tepees are great fun for outdoor and indoor play!

As we've found out, they also can be an abode for curious pets....

If you are studying Native Americans this year, you can work on creating a more authentic tepee and and incorporate this into lessons.

Learning how to do knots and lashing to create a sturdy frame is wonderful, too!  Look at scouting manuals for help.

Maybe sleep in it overnight?

Play clips, yarn, twine and clothespins are helpful if you want to reuse the silks or fabric.

Rainbow Silks in our Etsy shop.
Wood play clips from this Etsy shop, and this one.