Monday, February 25, 2013

Weddings at Syrendell

UC Berkeley Arboretum Redwood Grove - Sylvia Vizcaino Photography
Yes, we do weddings! We officiate, play music and host weddings. Being a part of such a joyous, amazing day is a pleasure for us. We want to share this special part of our life with some beautiful pictures on our blog.
Empire Mine State Park in Grass Valley

Both Jennifer and Rick are ordained ministers and musicians. Jennifer plays flute, and Rick plays harp or piano. We have been officiating weddings, vow renewals, memorials and other ceremonies for 10 years, and playing music in ceremonies for over 25 years. All types of ceremonies...all over Northern California and other destinations. Our business is called Reverend Tan.
England-Shaw Vineyard in Winters - I Love That Glove Photography
Vineyards, hotels, beaches, private homes, parks, resorts, golf clubs...and sometimes, our favorite weddings are the sweet elopements and small weddings in the greenbelt near our home! More pictures and some reviews and information on our blog and our Facebook page
Citizen Hotel in Sacramento - Kris Holland Photography
Courtyard D'Oro in Old Town Sacramento - Jessica Stout Photography
Pt. Reyes, overlooking the ocean -- just the couple, photographer, and Jennifer

Catta Verdera Golf Course in Lincoln

Dante Club in Sacramento - Kris & Dee Photography

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Birthday and Advent Ring

Here is a true sign of having a little one around the home again...We wrote this blog post months ago and never published it!  Although it is well past Advent, the ring may be purchased at any time of the year and is beautiful for birthdays and more.

Instead of the traditional four tall candles around a circle, this year we purchased a beautiful, round, wood candle ring  for Advent.  Each Sunday, we light a candle and add a little something extra.  The candle in the middle was given to us by our midwife when Linden was born.  We lit it and sang happy birthday after her blissful home waterbirth.  We have been saving the candle for something special and decided to use it for the middle of the Advent ring. Crystals and stones from homeschooling projects.  Dried sage from our CSA box from the local organic farm.  Ricky made the yellow ceramic candle holder in the middle.

Advent ring by Joshua Rutherford of Honoring Fallen Trees (he does custom orders, too!). Organic candles by Oakmoss. Wood wolf by Halushka. All shops on Etsy. Third week...crystals, plants, beasts....

Monday, February 4, 2013

Dyeing with Plants

Plant-dyeing is easy and rewarding. It is a wonderful project for families, classes and groups of children and adults. We always say that plant dyeing is a bit of science and a bit of art -- and, always just a bit of a mystery! Part of the fun is seeing what kinds of colors will emerge each time.

Colors will vary, depending on the quality of the water, the freshness of the plants, the plant source, the weather, and more. Overdyeing is also rewarding -- dye with one color, then dip into another color to create a third color. Will yellow from onion skins and then a dip in the pink Brazilwood make orange? Hmmm....

Plant dyeing may be done indoors, but is usually easier to do in groups outside . Have space for a table with cook stoves and pots, a space for bins of water with mordant, a hose for rinsing, and a spot to hang dyeables safely for drying.

Jennifer recently had the pleasure of leading a workshop at the Alliance for Public Waldorf Education's annual conference at Steiner College in Fair Oaks, CA. We dyed yards of silk gauze with onion skins, Brazilwood, logwood, cochineal (which are bugs that live on plants!), and copper. Beautiful!

To learn more, we highly recommend Griffin Dyework's eBook on dyeing, available in our Etsy shop. If possible come to one of Griffin Dyework's Fiber Frolics or the annual Dye and Fiber Retreat in Southern California! This year, the retreat is June 14-17.