Friday, January 16, 2009

Painting and Color

We love color! Daddy is a visual and graphic artist, and Mommy is a fiber artist, so we play with color quite a bit at Syrendell.

During Circle Time, Daddy did a fun lesson on the color wheel and we each made our own wheel.
We did wet-on-wet watercolor painting with Mommy, first yellow, then red, blending into orange. Another day was yellow, then blue into green. We use brushes and Stockmar paints that we bought at Steiner College Bookstore.
We looked at fruit and other items in the house of each color we were going to paint. We listened to stories about colors from the Waldorf School Online watercolor e-book.


Grandma said...

What a special school the Tan family has. I love the art work. It is beautiful. You are a very talented family!
Love, Grandma

Anonymous said...

Hi Syrendell - Looking forward to discovering more on your blog as you begin this journaling experience. You color study looks great and inspires me to do one with my child using collage. Would love to share what we are doing too with you over at

Winter warmness to you!