Monday, February 23, 2009

The Origin of Syrendell the Name

Picture from Domingo Springs, Chester, CA.

In our never-ending quest for purpose and passion, Jennifer and I were brainstorming on ideas for life paths where we could share with others all the wonderful things we believe make lives so amazing and fulfilling and empowering. It would be awesome, we felt, to create a place, surrounded by nature, with structures designed to be sustainable, chic, modern, and welcoming, for kindred spirits to meet and learn and be inspired through art, music, crafts, wellness. This spiritual place had to have a name that would reflect this almost Utopian ideal. It was a combination of the words synergy, serendipity, synchronicity, and serene, with dell, a valley, or dale. At the time we created the name, almost two years ago, I thought of the song "farmer in the dell," and imagined how fun it would be to use that as sort of a catchphrase where we would host "fiber artists in the dell," or music in the dell," or homeschoolers in the dell." Syrendell was born.

Perhaps J.R.R. Tolkien imagined a similar utopia when he named the elven stronghold Rivendell or even the warm and fuzzy village of the Shire - no conscious relation to those two fictional places.

When the time is right, when resources are in sync, maybe Syrendell, the wellness center, will come to fruition. For now, we're happy with Syrendell, the homeschool place, the blog site, and the shop. Thanks for following our blogs. Soon to come: Syrendell blogtales!


Tammy said...

Very creative! I have wondered several times how you came up with Syrendell. :)

Linda said...

Hello there,

I have nominated your blog for a Lemonade Award!

Thank you so much for your inspirational blog!

Cheryn said...

i dream about creating the same kind of space!

it will be wonderful and amazing for it to exist.

i love the creation of your name.

and have enjoyed the magazines...thanks!