Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Syrendelina by Joey Tan

Once upon a time there was a fairy and her name was Syrendelina. Like all fairies she was kind, sweet, and caring. She was from a magical land called Fairiedell. Fairiedell is a wonderful and pretty place where all sorts of fairies live, who are also called fairydell. There are water fairies, garden fairies, animal fairies, light fairies, and earth fairies. Syrendelina is a garden fairy. She and other garden fairies care for plants.

One day, Fairiedell turned gray and everything and everyone got droopy and sad. Syrendelina and all of the other fairies didn’t know what to do.

Then……… Swooosh Swiiiisssshhhhh! Fairy dust flew everywhere! Everyone gasped. Then the fairies looked closer and saw the fairy godmother of Fairiedell floating in front of them! Everyone smiled. Syrendelina tried to fly over to her but couldn’t. Syrendelina asked, “Fairy Godmother, what is happening?!”

“Don’t fear my darling,” the fairy godmother said in a gentle tone, “I am here to fix Fairiedell’s magic,” she explained. Then, she flew up and twirled in the gray sky! Fairy dust flew everywhere! All of the fairies danced in glee.

“Fairiedell is magical again!” said all the fairies. Syrendelina smiled as the fairy godmother fluttered off. “Thank you," she called up towards the beautiful sky at the fairy godmother. “Thanks a lot!”
The End

Syrendell Blogtale #1
Written by Joey Tan, 9 years old
Artwork by Rick Tan, older than Joey


Tammy said...

What a darling story. We sure love fairies here...I'll have to read this story to my daughter. :)

Joey Tan said...

I love the story!