Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Homemade Botany Books

Separate from our science main lesson books this past school year, Ricky, Joey and Wilson each made their own Botany Books.

We tore pieces of watercolor paper and used Stockmar watercolors to design our covers. Mommy cut some white paper to fit the books and punched two holes at the top of them.

We each made a "twizzler" out of yarn and tied the tops of the books.

The botany books contain a table of contents, sketches of plants from our yard and the UC Davis arboretum, names of plants, and poems/quotes about plants.

We observed the apple tree in our backyard all year. Once per month we sketched the same branch. Finally, there are little apples this month!

The bulbs we planted at a homeschooling bulb planting clinic in October bloomed throughout the spring. We sketched some of our bulbs as they grew.

We will continue to add sketches, information and poems to our botany books as we explore our new yard.


Sycamore Moon Studios said...

Lovely pix! What a fun idea, too!

Lisa said...

These are wonderful! We do something very similar in our nature journals. We always do a sketch of the same spot in Muir Woods.

MamaRose said...

I just love the idea of sketching the same branch to show the changes each month. I will definitely have to remember that one :D

dongdong said...

It looks so peaceful sitting there, observing and drawing with a rainbow colored markers. Sweetness.

Jodie said...

I can't wait to do this with my kids, looks like y'all had fun!

Jen said...

How fun - we're going to have to make some botany books and follow suit. LOVE this idea and love the children's art work. They are very talented :)