Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Moving Picture Books

We made our first moving picture book!

In the book Pentatonic Songs by Elisabeth Lebret, we learned the song "The Dwarves". We played it on the lyre and sang the three verses together.

Following instructions in the book Moving Picture Books with Movable Figures by Brunhild Muller, we began making our book.

1. Stockmar beeswax crayons
2. White paper
3. Cardstock (construction paper or think cardboard work also work) for the covers, and a thin piece for the handle of the dwarf
4. Yarn
5. Scissors
6. Glue

Since there were three verses to the song, we decided to make three pages. First, Mommy, Joey and Wilson drew three background pages, then three foregrounds, all on white paper. We cut out the the foregrounds, then glued just the right and left edges to the backgrounds.

Next, Mommy drew two pictures of the same dwarf facing opposite directions, cut them out, then glued them together with the thin piece of cardstock in-between.

Wilson and Joey made a "twizzler" out of 4 pieces of yarn (twist two sets of two pieces in one direction, then twist them to each other in the opposite direction, tie a knot).

Mommy wrote the lyrics to the song on white paper and Joey colored them in, using colors that matched the background of the picture pages.

We drew the covers, glued the pages back to back, then punched two holes in everything along the left side.

We used heavy books stacked on top to help keep everything flat while the glue dried.

Once the pages were dry, we tied the twizzler through the holes and knotted them so that the book would open and close easily. We practiced moving the dwarf in each page while we sang and played the lyre. What fun! We definitely will make more moving picture books in the future.


Jen said...

It turned out great, Jennifer! We have been planning on making moveable pictures, but I hadn't thought to make it into a little book :) Great idea, as always!

We just enjoy your blog so much! Tell those creative kids of yours to keep up the inspiring fun! (can't really call it work - lol)!

Kelly said...

What a fun activity, Jennifer!

Michelle said...

That is so beautiful Jennifer! How wonderful that you can all work together to create something so special!!

renee ~ heirloom seasons said...

What a great project! The dwarf with his hammer sure does work well for the moving picture idea.

Tammy said...

How cool is this???


Lisa said...

How wonderful! We will have to check out that book. Who says homeschoolers don't learn enough about teamwork?!?! This beautiful book is a prime example.


Grandma said...

The moving picture book looks wonderful! I wish I could see it in person. You are all so very talented and creative.

Beth said...

This is adorable! What a great idea, and what a fun family project.

Anonymous said...

That looks like great fun. I'm looking forward to these kinds of activities in the coming years. My Deladis played Twinkle Twinkle Little Star on her xylophone last night. I was so excited for her.

Anonymous said...

love it- definitely on our to do list to make this fall!

Rose said...

Dear Jennifer~your Dwarves moving picture book is great!! You have a wonderful blog. I really enjoy visiting. Be blessed, Rose

Lisa said...

It's lovely Jennifer and an inspiration to us! I love the dwarf and that you combined the song and some handwork. Thank you for the inspiration.