Thursday, October 15, 2009

Language Arts in the Dell

Some glimpses into our Language Arts so far this year....
Writing out our favorite recipes

Playing "I Spy" with the Waldorf Alphabet Book

Making moving picture books
Exploring two letters each week using Earthschooling curriculum and Enki fairy tales.

Writing letters in cornmeal

Raking patterns in the sandbox

Watching mommy act out a fairy tale each week (Persuasive essay follow-up to Briar Rose)

Spanish, French, Tagalog words, phrases and songs

Verses and movement to the book/cards LMNOP

Reading and writing poems, stories, verses

Memorizing tongue twisters and reciting them aloud

Greek and Latin word roots

Form drawing

Writing plays (and acting, too!)


Kelly said...

Wonderful resources. Thank you Jennifer. We are covering a block of Language Arts Grade 1 at the moment and goodness we are both loving it. What a happy enlivening journey this is! I am discovering that I am drawing more and more from myself to present to my son and it is so rewarding. Happy learning to you all.
Best wishes

Stephanie said...

Acting out a fairy tale, huh?
Hmmm... :)
If I did such a thing I might frighen my children! Or at least perplex them.

Tan Family said...

Stephanie, you are too funny! I select a fairy tale each week that features the letter(s) of the week. I choose just a few props and maybe one simple costume to tell the story. I read the story to myself over the weekend, then again on Mon. night, then Tues. morning, and then I perform it on Tuesday. My memorization skills are getting better! If there is a nice verse with the story, I print it out and the kids pastel it and put it up on the refrigerator for the week. Sometimes we re-enact the play with puppets the next day.

dongdong said...

I love those corn stalk dolls! I spy with the alphabet book sounds good. I have the book but my kids don't like it.

renee ~ heirloom seasons said...

Your days are so full of beauty and inspiration. Thanks so much for all you share!

Val in the Rose Garden said...

I love this... what creativity they are getting from your reading lessons! We also tell stories, play Eye Spy in the Alphabet Book and enjoy retelling things in our own way in writing. What a neat way to learn. As always, I am inspired and awed by your posts. :)