Friday, January 29, 2010

Enjoying Math!

We've been enjoying math lately!  Come and take a peek....

Time Charts (seasons, months, weather, solstice/equinox -- thank you to the amazing Our Little Nature Nest blog for inspiration!)

Mathematicians (theories, biography writing)

Artistic Geometry



Mathematics Around Us (Waldorf Education Resources S.)
Tessellations : The History and Making of Symmetrical Designs
Teaching Mathematics in Rudolf Steiner Schools: For Classes I-VIII


Beth said...

I love the tessellations! Beth

Tammy said...

This looks like waaaay more fun than what we've been up to with math lately.

The geometric calendar is gorgeous.

Andrea said...

How cool. I don't remember math ever being that fun (or pretty!)

childhood magic said...

Your math is beautiful :)

Kathleen Scott said...

Great ideas for making math real. I wish math had been translated from ethereal concepts to physical realm when I was a kid.

Naturalearthfarm said...

This is just wonderful. I need to incorporate more of this into our daily lessons.
Warm wishes,

Grandma said...

Beautiful math Tan family, I always loved the shapes of geometry.