Friday, February 5, 2010

Our Handspun Yarn in Norway!

We decided to get involved in Pluckyfluff's upcoming museum show, Handspun Revolution, in Lilihammer, Norway.  Lexi Boeger will be featuring an enormous skein of handspun yarn, full of yarns from all over the world!

Each of us took turns spinning yarn on our spinning wheel.  We used bits and pieces of fibers leftover from other projects and added in tinsel, angelina fiber (sparkle), and yarn scraps.  When we had a nice length of yarn, we wrapped the yarn on a niddy noddy, then rinsed it and set the twist. 

According to the rules, we also had to write something about spinning on a piece of paper.  All of the written submissions are going to fill the walls near the exhibit.  Joey wrote an acrostic poem about spinning.

We love our unique yarn.  Pictures of the museum exhibit in May, to come. Wish we could go to Norway in person!  If you are interested in Lexi's books or camps, see her website:  Joey and Mommy went to the camp 4 years ago and loved it! 
Handspun Revolution
Intertwined: The Art of Handspun Yarn, Modern Patterns, and Creative Spinning (Handspun Revolution)


Eagle Loft said...

Your submission for the museum show is beyond gorgeous! And it is extra special how the entire family contributed.

Linda said...

Beautiful yarn Jennifer! Did your yarn arrive yet by the way?

Jen said...

How awesome! Congrats and it is beautiful!!!! You all are so talented :D

Tan Family said...

Thanks, Jen and Linda! Linda, the yarns haven't arrived yet, but I'm not worried. International mail is unpredictable! Thanks for checking in. :)

Dr. Aurore Adamkiewicz said...

It's so beautiful Jennifer- you must be so proud!! Congrats : )

Jacqui said...

What a work of art that yarn is. I love the spinning poem - I am sure it will be a popular exhibit in Norway. xx

Stephanie said...

I so love your gorgeous, mixed yarns.
I just want to sit and hold them - they are certainly meant to be touched and admired!