Monday, February 15, 2010

Watercolor Number Chart - Math & Foreign Language

Watercolor Number Chart

To make a number chart:

1.  Obtain a piece of watercolor paper, a ruler and a white crayon.

2.  Decide how many numbers you want on your chart.  The chart shown here features "12".

3.  Draw lines with the white crayon and ruler.  Draw the numbers in the spaces.

4.  Prepare a space for your child with watercolors, brushes, rags, and a jar of water. 

5.  Allow the child to select colors and paint all over the paper.  When the number appear, watch the delight in your child's eyes!

6.  Allow to dry and put between heavy books, if needed.  The chart should be ready to use the following day.

Ideas for using the chart:
1.  Learning the names of numbers.  Use shells, gems, stones, pearls or bean bags (depending on how large the numbers are!) to play games.

2.  Learning the names of numbers in foreign languages.  Put a stone on a number and ask the child to tell it to you in the foreign language.  Or, say it in the foreign language and the child will place the stone on the correct number. 

3.  Use pieces of paper to cover up numbers to show divisible groups, or pieces of yarn to put in-between groups of numbers.  In this example, you could divide the paper into 3's, 4's, 6's.

Other ideas?  Feel free to leave a comment! Thank you to Suzanne from the amazing blog, down in the meadow for the inspiration (she also has a lovely Etsy shop)!

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mandi said...

oh- i just love this idea. we're going to do this today!

Kara said...

this is really beautiful and I love the way the "magic" happens as the numbers appear when the children paint. (bookmarked!)

thanks for sharing

Sally said...

i like this idea!

suzanne said...


That is so very sweet of you thank you... I think we belong to a whole big circle of inspiration. I draw from others daily. Our parcel arrived yesterday and of course the contents are absolutely gorgeous as usual. Thank you for the added gift too. Now I have to sit and wait for the up and coming 13th Birthday to present it...Exciting

Have a wonderful day with your family.

Warm regards

Donna said...

I love this! I am just working on numbers and this chart is so creative.. Also, we started a spanish song this week "The more we get together" and I found some tapes/cd's from the library for ME to learn the songs correctly and teach it to my girls..thanks again for all you help!

Little House On Wheels said...

Thanks for sharing this. We will definitely have to try it for our upcoming math block.

Erin said...

Beautiful idea & what a great way to make math fun :) Just found you over at FB. I finally caved in and am over there now too ... lol.
Much Peace,

Jenn said...

hey, that's a really neat idea. i can count to 10 in four languages...but that's about all the "foreign language" i know...haha!

Jo Andrell said...

Hi, this is a great idea. Would it work with wet on wet Thanks


Catherine said...

I love this idea! Thank you for sharing this!

momto5 said...

oh, i love this idea alot!

Kimmie said...

Beautiful! Love the idea and will most likely "borrow" it soon. Thanks!

Kimmie said...

Beautiful! Love the idea and will most likely "borrow" it soon. Thanks!

Heather said...

This is such a wonderful, and beautiful idea. Thank you for sharing