Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Teaching Handwork

Teaching handwork is....

Introducing natural fiber through the senses.

Warming up the fingers, hands and body.

Songs, verses and stories.

Winding yarn into balls.

Knitting and crocheting projects.

Naturally dyeing organic wool yarn for future projects.

I have the pleasure of teaching Waldorf-inspired, Sacramento-area homeschoolers and their parents handwork each week in our Community Handwork Circle:

Here is one of my favorite books: 
A First Book of Knitting for Children

Casting on Verse (J. Tan)
Look up at the sky (hand pulls yarn resting on index finger upward)
Turn towards the sun (index finger turns away from body, yarn twists into loop)
The sun is setting (loop comes down the needle)
Now the day is done (tighten the loop on the needle)


Andrea said...

Lovely! It looks so warm and peaceful in that room with all those busy little hands!

CrookedMoonMama said...

I really like the cast on verse, thank you for sharing!

Artistmama said...

Oh, I WISH I could be in your class!

Donna said...

Hi Jen! I am knitting the pig in that knitting book right now. I will have post when he is done.. Looks like our handwork class was amazing!