Thursday, April 29, 2010

Spring Garden

Good-bye Winter garden!  Good-bye fava beans!

Roto-tilling the soil

Adding compost

Adding ladybugs

Planting Seeds

Dividing and transplanting strawberries

Photosythesis, Bugs, Tools, Parts of Plant in MLBs

Our favorite gardening book!Green Fingers and Muddy Boots: A Year in the Garden for Children and Families


Jen said...

What a beautiful garden! I'll have to check out your book rec, too :D

Tan Family said...

Thanks, Jen! You will love this book. It's full of ideas and pictures, both photos and hand-drawn pictures, and perfect for kids. The CD inside has lessons and you can even turn in work to get a certification with a horticultural group.

nocton4 said...

happy days x
we love the book Roots, shoots, buckets and boots by Sharon Lovejoy, we are making a sunflower house inspired by it.Will take a look at your book recc
Happy weekend

Hip Mountain Mama said...

How fun! That book looks great! We have been gardening a lot around here and loving it!!

momto5 said...

look at you all out in the garden. it is still to early here. lol our favorite gardening book is "Roots, shoots, buckets and boots" by sharon lovejoy!
just love watching a garden grow!


Rose said...

We also love to study botany! Your garden is so beautiful and you have yourself some very good workers! We have been reading Apologia's Botany and using the kit. I will see if I can get the book you are using when we finish. I have learned that children love to garden and learn about herbs, flowers etc. Be blessed,Rose

suzanne said...

Hello Jennifer

A Happy Spring to you and your family~!

I hope you are well

Warm regards

Jenn said...

this is awesome!! such a great garden.....ours, not so much. :0)