Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Essential Elements of Early Childhood Series

Sign up for "Essential Elements of Early Childhood" through the Waldorf Connection!  The first speakers in the series include Rahima Baldwin, Lisa Boisvert MacKenzie, Danielle Epifani and Christine Natale.

You can try the first class/session on September 23, "Three Ways to Create a Nourishing Home for your Child" for free at: 

The first call includes:
1. What is play? - with Lisa Boisvert MacKenzie
2. The 4 Senses in Early Childhood Development - with Danielle Epifani
3. The Importance of a Mother's Voice - with Christine Natale

More teleseminars to come in this series!  Listen to them live or purchase the mp3 files to hear in the car or when you have time.
Attendance is free, but you do need to register.  Sign up early, as space is limited!


Bending Birches said...

I registered a few days ago...should I be looking for something in my email? hugs

Tan Family said...

Yes, you will get an email from The Waldorf Connection. If not, email Hugs!