Saturday, November 13, 2010

Waldorf Postcards

Waldorf postcards are a beautiful addition to nature tables, seasonal spots, and homeschooling displays.  They also are wonderful gifts and can be used as actual postcards!

We are now featuring Rick's wet-on-wet watercolor paintings on postcards.  The front side is in color, and the back side is in black and white.  The first postcard available in our Etsy shop is "Fairy Tale" and taking orders for "Creation". Coming soon, "Four Seasons"!


Gabriele said...

Dear Jennifer, dear Rick,

these cards are so beautiful!Would love to have them in my shop and to use them as Chrismas Cards.
Will contact you offline for an estimation.
I really turned into a fan!


momma rae said...

so gorgeous!! what a wonderful offering. can't wait to see four seasons! ;)

Mona said...

Oh, they're beautiful! What a gifted husband you have :)

momto5 said...

oh, those are wonderful. <3


Luciane said...

Is beautifull.