Saturday, January 22, 2011

Gentle Discipline Free Teleseminar - The Waldorf Connection

Our good friend Donna Ashton from the Waldorf Connection is offering her Award-Winning program to teach you the “Essential Elements of Early Childhood.” And she is getting everyone started for free in her class, “Stop Discipline Struggles! 3 Dynamic Tools for an Effective, Happier Household" with Carrie Dentler of the Parenting Passageway, Thursday January 27 at 1pm Pacific/4pm Eastern.

To reserve your seat:
Here's what you're going to learn on this ground-breaking and somewhat controversial call: 

*How to approach difficult situations in a gentle and effective way so you can nurture an environment of respect and empathy in your home.
*How to create a family culture that supports discipline.
*How movement can be used as a tool for discipline of the small child.
*How to use your words effectively so you aren't repeating things over and over
*Gain practical tools to use immediately
*And much more...

Here's that link again to reserve your spot in this complimentary class:

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