Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Anthroposophy 101 ECourse

A song celebrating the seasons, a story about gnomes, children jumping in puddles, crafts of felted wool - a picture of Waldorf. When people are intrigued about this educational stream, they ask, "Where did this come from?" When you say Steiner and anthroposophy, most will be puzzled. Steiner? Anthropo-what? For those who are eager to learn more about this cutting edge Renaissance man, and the spiritual foundation that sparked Waldorf education, Anthroposophy 101 is for you.

Anthroposophy 101 is a deliciously intriguing sampler of Waldorf and anthroposophy presented by Dr. Rick Tan through Little Acorn Learning. An informal and interactive format allows you to reflect on the basics of anthroposophy, while expressing your artistic nature. Dr. Tan, a Waldorf teacher, artist, musician - a Renaissance man himself, offers his personal thoughts and insights. He aims for you to find your own creative and spiritual paths.

This six week ecourse will cover the following topics:

* Human Wisdom (1 week)
* Steiner's Renaissance (1 week)
* Cosmos and Earth (1 week)
* Waldorf Stream (1 week)
* Five Spheres (1 week)
* Human Freedom (1 week)

Join Little Acorn Learning's Very First ECourse Offering, and at your convenience, follow the directed exercises, learn a little something about anthroposophy, and learn a little something about yourself!

ECourse Begins February 27th and is 'Work-As-You-Go' Each Week with New Lesson Plans and Inspiration Posted Weekly for a Duration of Six Weeks. You Check in When You Have Time.

Only $100 for the ENTIRE Six Week Session!

To Reserve a Space: www.littleacornlearning.com

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Lacey said...

wow! I think that my husband & I are going to do this! We're applying Biodynamics to our garden, and waldorf ideas to our homeschool--it'd be nice to get more info. Thanks!