Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Handwork Felting eCourse! - Starts May 9, 2011

Handwork ECourse from Little Acorn Learning
Felting - 5 Weeks - Only $80!  Starts May 9, 2011
Instructor: Jennifer Tan, MA from Syrendell

Felting is one of the most primitive textile arts. Its origin is unknown, but swatches of felt were discovered in Europe and Asia dating as far back as the Bronze Age. Nomadic tribes had relied on felt's durabilty and versatility to make practical items such as blankets and tents. Created by the massaging of wool fibers in a liquid medium, felt can be shaped into many useful and decorative items. Legend has it that a Christian monk, who was trying to evade Roman soldiers, had found wool hanging from branches and put it into his sandals. After some time, his sweat and water from stream beds as he ran, created felted socks! In the 19th century, during the Industrial Revolution, felted bowler hats were very popular. A process that used mercuric nitrate to make the hats was employed, but the poisonous fumes that the workers were constantly exposed to caused neurological symptoms, which may have led to the expression "mad as a hatter."

Jennifer Tan, master fiber artist, in her five week felting course, guarantees you will neither have to become a fugitive of the Roman Empire nor a lunatic ala Mad Hatter to enjoy the art of felting! She will introduce the techniques of wet felting and needle felting where you will create beautiful projects with a wide array of applications. In her course, Jennifer will accompany her teaching with Waldorf-inspired verses and songs.

You will develop a love of this truly magnificent craft long after Jennifer's course is done. She does not guarantee that your family will not go insane from the many felted items you will undoubtedly begin to create!

Week 1: What is felting? (wet, needle, felting sweaters, felting crochet/knit/woven items) Types of fibers and supplies. Carding fibers.
Week 2: Wetfelting - scarf
Week 3: Wetfelting - sculptural (balls, eggs)
Week 4: Needlefelting - landscapes
Week 5: Needlefelting - sculptural (fairies, animals)

This ECourse is 'Work-As-You-Go' Each Week with New Tutorials and Inspiration Posted Weekly for a Duration of Five Weeks. You Check in When You Have Time. No Pressure, No Requirements - Just Suggestions.  To register and see the list of recommended reading, click here.


Spinspiration said...

Your eCourse sounds wonderful, Jennifer. I have posted a quick post over at Spinspiration to shout out!
Hope that is okay!
Best wishes

Leslie said...

Hi Jennifer,
I've never done a class like this. Can you explain a bit more about what is involved? Is it video based? How do the participants ask questions and get help? Also, would you have a guess as to how much the supplies for the course would cost?
Thanks so much!

Tan Family said...

Hi Leslie! Thank you for the questions. The course will be in a user-friendly blog format. You will see written directions, pictures and a video clip each week. You can post comments and questions at any time. The nice thing is that there's no need to be online live, so you may work at your own pace. If you are super busy one week, you will still have access to that week's project and information the following week. There is a list of recommended, but optional reading on Little Acorn's site. Once you register, you will be sent a list of items to purchase. All are optional, and it depends on how much you want to make. If you already have some felting supplies on hand, you might just need to purchase certain items on the list. The links to the supplies are really great prices and brands that I highly recommend. You may always email me with questions, too! See you soon in the eCourse. :)