Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Peace Flags on Flag Day

Flag Day in the US is a special day for us to honor the American flag.  We usually talk about what the red/white/blue, stars & stripes mean in the flag, and enjoy looking at pictures of old American flags.  We also like to take time looking at flags from around the world. The colors! The shapes! So beautiful.  This year, Ricky showed us his own drawing of the American flag from his 8th grade Main Lesson Book.

Recently, we went through a nice pile of old clothes where the material was still good, but quite not in shape to give away.  Joey & Wilson went through the pile and selected colors that they liked.  Joey cut out triangles and squares.  Mommy cut strips from old white jeans and sewed them together, then sewed the little flags on. 

With embroidery thread, we sewed little stars at the top of each flag.

Today, we will hang up our peace flags in our new meditation are in the back yard and talk about ways that we can encourage peace on Earth.  Over time, we might embroider symbols and shapes on each flag.


Miss Val's Creations said...

What a fun thing to do with old clothing!!! Ricky is quite an illustrator. His flag is beautiful. ~Val

momto5 said...

great idea. maybe even adding blessing on the flags too. hmmm i feel an idea brewing. :)