Friday, July 29, 2011

Birthday Rings

We have always wanted a birthday ring that we could also use on our nature table for festival celebrations, including Advent.  One of our local Waldorf dads handcrafts these beautiful rings and sells them in his Etsy shop.  We asked for one unfinished so that we could paint it ourselves!

The wood is sycamore which is already so beautiful on its own.  We tested out how it would look on our kitchen table and in our nature table area.

Wilson and Mommy decided to paint rainbow colors using our Stockmar watercolors.  Then, we polished them with natural beeswax polish. 

Now, the birthday ring is ready!  It's so beautiful, we have it out in the kitchen right now.  When the new baby is born around October, we will use it to celebrate the birth with a candle.


softearthart said...

They sure are beautiful, cheers Marie

Joey said...

I think my next 'waldorf purchase' is going to be a ring! ;o)
Enjoy the final trimester Tan family!
~ joey ~

Woodspritemama said...

Beautiful work as always family!

April's Homemaking said...

Your birthday ring turned out beautiful!! I have been eyeing birthday rings for quite sometime, I think I may need to add one to our home.

Lacey said...

it's beautiful! and congratulations on the upcoming package ;)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! I love how the watercolors and beeswax polish combined to create such a lovely finished piece. It will be treasured, I'm sure! -- Kathy at