Friday, July 15, 2011

Spring and Summer Swaps & Exchanges

We love participating in swaps and exchanges!  They are wonderful ways of meeting the nicest families, while giving and receiving beautiful handcrafted items for our home and nature table.  Much of what we give and receive is Waldorf-inspired.

Items that we created for the Gnomes, Hedgehogs, Mushroom Swap

This year, we have continued to enjoy being a part of Bits of Goodness swaps, including the "gnomes, mushrooms and hedgehogs" theme!  We send out 5 items to be swapped, and 1 item for the hostess.  Then, we receive 5 different items back.  Coming up is a "summer play" swap and we eagerly sent out our handcrafted streamer sticks.  Can't wait to see what we get back!

Items that we received in the Gnomes, Hedgehogs, Mushrooms Swap

We have also participated in the 4 Seasons Exchange which is a one-on-one exchange each season.  Here is Spring:

Items that we received in the Spring Exchange

Items that we gave in the Spring Exchange

And, here is Summer!

Items that we received in the Summer Exchange

Items that we gave in the Summer Exchange

Both groups have groups where you can see pictures posted.  Bits of Goodness runs a yahoogroup where you can sign up for swaps and see more information.  4 Seasons Exchange is on Facebook.  What I love about the 1-1 exchanges is that we write a letter to the family, telling them what we made and why.  It is such a joy to see handcrafted items from different parts of the world come to us for our nature table.


luxiii said...

Swaps are so much fun! I participated in my first Waldorf / nature table swap this spring and we are thrilled to have new items for our nature table. Thanks for sharing.

Andrea said...

Oh what beautiful gifts you gave and received. I did one swap once--it was so fun and you've inspired me to do another!

Joey said...

Wow you exchanged some truly beautiful things! And I love that a letter is written to the family that your creations are going to live with! :o)
I'm going to try and sign up for a swap for the Fall or Christmas this year, every time I find one the sign up date has passed!
Thanks Jennifer!
~ joey ~

EcoCrazyMom said...

I live the idea of a seasonal exchange, thank you so much for sharing!