Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Birth Photos and Art

Pregnancy and birth are a journey to remember.  This pregnancy, we are taking a lot of pictures and forming a baby book from 5 weeks pregnancy, on. 

5 Weeks

18 Weeks

Part of the baby book will feature artwork.  What do we think of when we say, "pregnant", "baby", "birth"?  Each person in the family has a different outlook -- a personal interpretation of what this special time means for us.

39-40 Weeks

Each of us created a piece of artwork by drawing over the past couple of months.  Once the baby is born, we will do this again.  It is fascinating to see the differences in the styles, medium choices and content. 

We look forward to including these beautiful pieces of artwork in the baby's book after she is born!

Wilson's Birth Art - Colored Pencils

Joey's Birth Art - Colored Pencils

Ricky's Birth Art - Pencil

Jennifer's Birth Art - Block Crayons

Rick's Birth Art - Oil Pastels


Crooked Moon Mama said...

Beautiful! Wishing you a happy , healthy labor and delivery!

Leslie said...

What beautiful artwork and what a beautiful Momma! Blessings to you as you bring this new little one into the world!

Joey said...

Oh boy so any day now?!?!
So looking forward to "meeting" her here! You look fantastic!
I have been reflecting back to the birth of my girl as she celebrated her 9th Birthday yesterday!
Wishing you a safe and magical labour and delivery Jennifer!

April's Homemaking said...

What beautiful birth art, and what a wonderful way to journey along the process of welcoming your new baby to the family. Blessing on your labor and delivery :)

dongdong said...

Beautiful! I esp love Rick's pencil art- made me smile.

I did end up having my baby UC at home.:)

Best wishes to you!

nocton4 said...

all so lovely, birth well, love and care xx

Kelly said...

What beautiful expressions of remembering such a precious time. I often think of you and send you the richest blessings. You look so incredibly happy Jennifer. Best wishes for a beautiful birth and look forward to news of baby's arrival.

Lisa said...

So beautiful Jennifer! What a gift to you and the baby.

momto5 said...

amazingly beautiful. you look so wonderful. <3