Thursday, July 24, 2014

Waldorf Summer Camp

Week 1 - Dyeing, Spinning, Weaving, Cornhusk Dolls, Flower Pressing

We are very fortunate to coordinate and teach at the Davis Waldorf School Summergarden Camp in Davis, California.  This summer was our 4th year.  Children entering grades 2-6 attended for one-week sessions.  Older students could attend as Jr. Counselors. We have highly qualified teachers for handwork, gardening and cooking, and a host of amazing high school and college volunteers who help the program run smoothly. Children come to us from the Davis Waldorf Schools, and also from the local public schools, Waldorf schools from other cities and states, and homeschooling families. Some families travel from afar and stay in Davis for a week or more on vacation while their children attend camp.
Week 2 - Wood Bird Perches, Herbal Honey, Herbal Tea

Children rotate each day through the kitchen, garden and handwork room/woodworking area. The calendar provides breathing in (learning) and breathing out (playing) times throughout the day. Gardening includes planting, harvesting, weeding, composting, learning about herbs, and garden crafts.
Week 3 - Wood Toy Boxes, Flower Essences, Herbal Cheese

Children help prepare their own snack and lunch made mostly from local and organic ingredients.  This summer, we were fortunate to have produce from Good Hummus Farm in nearby Capay Valley. Live musicians perform for the children during lunch once per week (harp, guitar, fiddlers, flute, clarinet). A beautiful aftercare program is available for children who want to stay longer than 1pm each day.
Week 4 - Wood Weather Vanes, Aromatherapy Sprays, Birdseed Feeders

Each morning starts with circle time: Good morning song, gardening song, yoga stretches, summer song.  Each learning session includes an opening and closing verse.  Eating times begin with a meal verse. By the end of the week, children learn 8 verses and 3-5 songs. Children watercolor paint a cover for their journals which includes the week's recipes, songs, verses, and drawings.
Week 5 - Doll & Puppet Making, Herb-imprinted Clay Magnets, Wool Bird Nesting Balls

Summergarden 2015 information will be on the website around February, 2015!

So fortunate to have incredible teachers -- Jennifer Tan, Par Duncan, Bill Critchfield, Robyn Wolfe, Jan Plotkin, Dahlia Haberman, Hue Thao, and Aftercare providers Karen Hansen-Downey and Misty DeGennaro

Below is a photo album that we created featuring our 5 weeks of summer camp adventures!

Photo books are the perfect gift for any occasion.

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