Thursday, February 5, 2015

Making a Birthday Crown

Linden loves crowns, so we made her one for her birthday and one for play. 

We started with plant-dyed wool felt, roving and embroidery thread from Mama Judes. 

Drawing a fairy-like, curved-pointed design with chalk, we created the look for the base piece.

Embroidery thread was used to hold together butterflies and the crown bases and also as embellishment.

Our Syrendell plant-dyed silk ribbons were seen onto the ends of the crown base to tie in a bow at the back of the head. Using ribbons allows the crown size to be adjustable.

Next, we need felted wools roving and a bit of Angelina sparkle onto the wool butterflies.

The crown is complete! We then made a crown with different colors and flowers/leaves.

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