Sunday, April 19, 2009

Waldorf in the Home Conference

Don't forget to come to the Waldorf in the Home Conference this weekend in Fair Oaks, CA! This year is called: Educating Our Children - Changing the Future

One of my favorite blogs details the conference beautifully:

Here's a link for more information and registration:

I live just 10 minutes from the conference, so I'll definitely be there both days! If anyone else out there in homeschooling blogland is going, let's try and find each other. Maybe we can sit together for lunch. Come find me....Jennifer Tan. Hope to see some of you this weekend!

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Jimena Diaz said...

I would loved to go, but did not know about this conference, I am very beginner in waldorf and I think I need something like this for learn, but this weekend is too soon for organize a trip.
thank you very much for sharing information