Friday, May 8, 2009

Felting a Wool Ball

Felting a wool ball is easy, enjoyable, and an amazing tactile experience! This week, Wilson felted a ball along with Mommy. Here is how to do it:
1. Choose 3 colors of wool fiber.

2. Card the fibers with hand carders. Keep a wispy piece set aside.

3. Roll the fibers in a ball with hands.
4. Get fibers wet and soapy, then agitate on a washboard or other bumpy surface, turning the fiber ball constantly.

5. Rinse and allow to air dry (might take a day or more).

6. Take the wispy piece of fibers that you had set aside, cover the ball, and needlefelt it onto the surface to make a smooth, continuous feel and look.

7. Roll the ball in your hands until smooth!

You can also put weights or beans or marbles in the center of the balls for weight. Another great option is to needlefelt designs onto the ball with other colors. Wool works best. Wool and needlefelting equipment may be purchased online at
Today, we threw Wilson's felted ball around during circle time while saying the colors of the rainbow in English and Spanish. What fun!


Joy said...

That's a cute idea, especially filling the middle. We've done the wet felting method as a family, but haven't done it that way before. Fun!

Lisa said...

Thanks for this, I have never been able to make a perfect round ball...we will try it this way.

Jimena Diaz said...

Muchas gracias!!, I don't know nothing about felting, but we will try do this.
feliz dia de la madre, happy mother day for you!!!
bendiciones, paz y luz