Friday, May 1, 2009

May Day!

Today we learned about May Day. We read about how it has been celebrated throughout Europe in the book All Year Round. We made a miniature May pole, sang May Day songs, and talked about our upcoming trip this Sunday to the Sacramento Waldorf School May Day celebration!

Making a Miniature May Pole
Daddy made a small stick with a hole and finished it with beeswax. Mommy dyed some silk ribbons with natural ingredients to make 6 colors (pink, raspberry, blue, green, peach, lavender). Ricky found some Do-kee-doo and formed a stand for the stick. Joey and Wilson put the ribbons through the stick, layed a play silk around the base, and placed a fresh flower at the top.

May Day Songs/Verses
It's May Time
It's May-time! It's May-time!
That's the happy play-time!
We'll dance around the blooming trees,
So fragrant and so fair.
The sweet white petals falling,
The glad bird-voices calling;
It's May-time and a happy time
For children everywhere.

May Day
We're quaint little milk-maids, dancing in the hay,
Each dainty and sweet as a Queen o' the May;
With vine and with bough we now show you how
In honor of May Day we garland our cow.
A rosette of ribbons, as pink as the morn,
We've tied to the tip of each crooked white horn,
With courtesy and bow we now show you how
In honor of May Day we dance round our cow.


suzanne said...

Hello Jennifer

I am watching your May day Spring celebration whilst the cold weather rolls in for us...What a lovely idea of making a miniature May pole. I will remember to make one for when its our turn.

Have a great weekend

Warm regards

Anonymous said...

Happy May day! I love the soft coloured silks on your little maypole :-)

Linda said...

Lovely Jennifer! It looks like you all had a fantastic May Day celebration...

themagiconions said...

What a lovely celebration you had. Your dyed silks are amazing. We are going to the Waldorf of Orange County May Faire today and are very excited. We look forward to hearing all about the Sacramento one too.

Joy said...

What a cute little maypole! I hope you have fun at the May Day celebration in Sacramento!

Kelly said...

Hi Jennifer, what a wonderful miniature May pole you all created. I really love your soft coloured ribbons. Enjoy the May Day celebration you attend.

Jane said...

I love the idea of a miniture May Pole. May day always sneaks up on me I would love to celebrate! I love your silk ribbions that you dyed they are so lovely!

Anonymous said...

Happy Mayday! Beautiful mini maypole. What a cool idea. ~ Angie