Thursday, October 29, 2009

Our Halloween Baby - Home Waterbirth

During the evening of October 30, 2003, Jennifer went into labor with baby #3, ecstatic that the baby would be born on Halloween!

Ara Wilson Cerda Tan (we call him Wilson or Wil) was born gently into a warm waterbirthing tub at home, unassisted, after 4.5 hours of labor. The birth was peaceful, powerful and pleasurable! Pure bliss....

Ara: Armenian Great-grandfather's middle name, "king"
Wilson: English Great-great-grandfather's surname, "protector"
Cerda: Filipino Grandmother's surname, "handsome"
Tan: Father's Chinese surname

We utilized yoga, meditation, acupressure, aromatherapy and flower essences. The warm water was amazing, too! Daddy sat outside the tub, Grandma and big brother Ricky sat nearby on the bed, and big sister Joey sat in the waterbirthing tub, sharing a raspberry leaf tea popsicle with Mommy. Wilson was welcomed into the world with the hushed, excited tones of his loving family in a warm, happy, familiar environment. He didn't cry, but looked at us with his glorious little eyes. An exquisite birth....

Happy 6th Birthday to our Halloween baby!

Wilson's Song (played on flute and harp)

Once, there was a baby
Inside of me
He danced with such glee

We named him Ara Wilson
Because he's a king
Protected by thee

Now, he's about to be born
As night turns to morn
He is water-lorn

Magic abounds
As the fairies and frogs
All leap up
At the sound of the horn

Now, there is a child
A brother and son
He can jump and he can run

His gifts and talents are many
He plays with a smile
And flies towards the sun

Once, he was my babe
Bright as the day
A pleasure in the bay
Magic abounds
As the fairies and frogs
All kneel down
To sleep as he lay
The stories of his birth, as told by Jennifer, Ricky and Joey, may be found in issue #12 of The Mother magazine.


sunnie fairy said...

wow! I am always amazed at stories of such amazing births. Happy birthday!

Grandma said...

I remember the special very early morning that Wilson was born. It seems like yesterday but is already 6 years!

LillyZoo said...

Happy Birthday Wilson! Happy Memories Jen!

Tammy said...

What a beautiful birth story!

And a big happy birthday to you Wilson. :)

Mama Rose said...

Oh Jennifer, thank you for sharing such a sacred moment with us!! Your birthing experience truly sounds amazing :D

Simple Mama said...

Happy Birthday Wil! And Happy Birthday Day Jen!

suzanne said...

A Happy Birthday to Wilson from "Down in the meadow". Jennifer, I too had three glorious Water births at home and nothing can describe the peace and unbelievable oneness with our creator at that time. I think of the experiences often with great fondness...

Ha happy weekend to you and your family.
Warm regards

Jenn said...

Hip Hip Hooray for sweet Wilson...he is very handsome, indeed!!
And yay for unassisted waterbirth...glorious!! We've had five UC's ourselves!! :0)

Lisa said...

Happy birthday sweet little guy! 6 is a great age!


Beth said...

He seems like a vibrant boy! Happy Birthday!

I was trying to open your playlist, and couldn't. You always have such great music, and I would love to buy some of it to listen to at home. love, Beth

renee ~ heirloom seasons said...

Happy Birthday to you and Wilson, Jennifer! We had home births as well, one unassisted, but not water births, there would hardly have been time to fill a tub!

gina said...

Sounds like a glorious event- love the song, how special.

Julia - Fig Tree Alley said...

Beautiful birthing stories! - You have such a great spirit! It is so wonderful your kids can share their experiences and love for Wilson. I am so glad to know you and your family and I am sending you my good wishes for a happy new year! (a little early but can't hurt!!)

Marina said...

Happy Birth Day to you and Wilson, what a lovely story and song!