Friday, October 23, 2009

Swaps and Exchanges

A wonderful way to add to your nature tables and homeschooling supplies is by joining swaps and exchanges!
Participating is a nice way to teach children how to give and receive and to learn about other places in the world where people live. It is also an opportunity to work on creating a new seasonal table together.
Here are just a few of our recent forays into the world of swaps. Some are items that we created for the swap, and some pictures show items that we received....
Bits of Goodness Spring Nature Table Swap

Ravelry Gnome Exchange (our exchange partner was from Denmark!)

Bits of Goodness Summer Nature Table Swap
Bits of Goodness Flower Children Swap (Joey spun the yarn and Mommy crocheted them)

Bits of Goodness Autumn Nature Table Swap

Bits of Goodness Fairy Swap

Bits of Goodness Treasure Bag (Biome) Swap


Simple Mama said...

<3 <3 <3 I'm participating in my first swaps this winter. I'm so excited. All of you swap items are gorgeous.

Jen said...

That looks like so much fun! Where do you find the swapping groups? I'd love to participate in one that exchanges overseas :D

Tan Family said...

Hi Jen! Great question. Some exchanges may be found on (like the gnome swap). Ravelry is a wonderful place to get inspiration for fiber arts projects!

Other swaps and exchanges are usually found on yahoogroups. Bits of Goodness has a yahoogroup and flickr group that you may join.

We've also done handspun yarn exchanges. One time, we did a fiber exchange. People from all over the world sent in fiber by the oz., then it was mixed up and divided and sent back by the oz. We then had to spin the yarn and make a project. So much fun!

Tammy said...

What fun swaps! Looks like you got some lovely treasures for play and the nature table. :)

Mama Rose said...

Jennifer, your flower children are so cute! Joey is really great at spinning...hopefully I'll get there on skill level :D

Amy said...

I love the ones in the bits of goodness flower children swap!