Thursday, November 19, 2009

Storytelling - Letters and Drawing

Girl With One Hand (V - valley, visitory, vines) - Asia

Each week, Mommy tells a story. Usually it's a fairy tale or folk tale from a different country. Stories come from Grimm's Fairy Tales, Enki, or Earthschooling. She acts it out, uses props, and then we discuss the story.

Each story features a letter that Wilson is learning for the week. There usually is some type of verse or song that is repeated. This verse is typed out, Wilson draws a picture from the story, and then we pastel the background. Can you find the letter hidden in each picture?

Nixie of Mill Pond (W - water, wave) - Western Europe

Princess of Peony Peak (P) - Asia

Rapunzel (R) - Western Europe

Yeh-Shien (Y) - Asia


gypsimomma said...

was enki worth the money??

Tan Family said...

Great question, gypsimomma! We have not purchased the Enki program. We got the K folktales and 1st grade fairy tales from someone else as a trade. I do recommend a lifetime membership to Earthschooling! Tons of stories and wonderful ideas.

Jen said...

Wilson is a budding artist! Lovely to see his artwork. Thanks for sharing & it was nice to "hear" your voice on Kristie's chat today. Miss talking with you! Have a great weekend.