Monday, December 14, 2009

Making a Straw Star Garland

This project is fun, inexpensive and very easy to do! You may also incorporate geometry by discussing symmetry, angles, shapes. This picture shows our garland through the window from the outside of our home.

1. Find or purchase straw. The straw should be not too dry and not too green. We ended up purchasing ours for $1.25/bundle at Steiner College Bookstore (Call them to order). We had 3 bundles it was more than enough.

2. Soak for a couple of hours in water.

3. Cut each straw in half (knife, exacto blade or scissors...might need parent or older child to help, like Ricky here!).
4. Iron as flat as possible.

5. Position your straw pieces and weave matching thread around the center. Trim the ends of the straws (straight, angle, V).

6. Leave the ends long and knot at the top so that you have a hanger.

7. Crochet chain, braid, lucet, or spoolknit a long piece of yarn. Joey crocheted a chain using a size P hook and some white yarn with bits of gold glitter.

8. Hang your stars on the yarn and attach the yarn to a window, doorway or other place in your home.

Notes: These also make lovely ornaments! Try to layer another smaller star on top of one and then weave them together. Consider using a contrasting color of thread to feature your weaving skills.

A wonderful place to get more information on straw stars is in the book The Children's Year.


Stephanie said...

oooh, very nice! I haven't seen those!

Grandma said...

The garland is beautiful!

Tammy said...

Very pretty!

Sunshine Alternative Mama said...

J-Baby would love to make stars ~ Thanks for the info and the source for the straw!

Jimena said...

muy bonito!!!

Jen said...

Love the idea of stringing them into a garland! Very creative guys, once again!

Jacqui said...

I love the Children's Year and amazingly haven't brought it out this season yet!!! I so love your blog - what great fun you all have. Thank you for visitng me and following - much appreciated.

Penny said...

This is wonderful!

In fact, your whole blog is wonderful - thank you for sharing so joyfully your life and talents :)

(I'm a big fan of your husband's blog too!)

I only hope that some day my blog can be a true to me as yours is to you - - I admire your family so much!

SarabellaE said...

I've been wondering where to get the straw! I bought Thomas Berger's The Christmas Crafts Book and the straw stars look so, so pretty! Thanks for sharing your experience and tips here!

Satsuki Rebel said...

I wish we could have fit this craft in. It seems like the season has just flown by this year. Thanks for the tut. I'm bookmarking it for next year. ^^