Friday, January 22, 2010

Homelearning Snippets

Here are a few things that we've been doing lately at Syrendell....

Painting wood spinning tops (Stockmar watercolors, then beeswax)

Making hanging stars from kite paper (tutorial at Bust magazine's blog:

Creating terrariums from moss that we found on our nature walks

Layering compost piles (more to come on this!)

Tissue-papering a winter scene in a door window

Making electic go-karts out of a kit from Steiner College bookstore

Cousins crocheting scarves 

Visiting the winter look of Raphael Garden at Steiner College
The Complete Book of Crochet Stitch Designs: 500 Classic & Original Patterns
Gardening for Life - The Biodynamic Way: A Practical Introduction to a New Art of Gardening, Sowing, Planting, Harvesting
Watercolor Paints (Set of 6)


Naturalearthfarm said...

That compost looks beautiful!!
(So do all of your children's creations too) But that compost. With the long winters here there isn't too much going on in the soil, but we do keep a rich layer of straw in the chicken coop and there is some good stuff brewing on the bottom layer for the gardens.
Warm wishes, Tonya

Tammy said...

I LOVE this kind of learning!

Jen said...

What a lovely snippet! The scarves are beautiful and I just marvel at all the wonderful activities and life you all create. Such happiness abounds!

Grandma said...

You have all been busy, as always! The soil looks so nice and rich. I always wanted to make a compost pile and am thinking about finally do it.

momto5 said...

don't you just love learning at home. lovely!

Donna said...

So nice to get inspiration by checking what others are doing..And I ALWAYS get some at the dell..;)

Jenn said...

I'm so impressed that Joey sticks with crocheting to the end. My girls can never finish knitting anything because they get tired of it before it's done! And she's really good at it too!

I love soon as spring hits here, I think we'll make some too. :0)

Julie said...

sounds like you've all been very busy - what great hands on learning. That star - just a wonderful creation - what a beautiful piece to have decorate your home.