Friday, April 2, 2010

Spring in the Dell

Ukrainian Egg Dyeing

Easter Egg Tree

Recital (Ricky Clarinet, Joey Guitar, Mommy Flute)

Vernal Pools Hike on the Vernal Equinox

German Lessons

Steiner College Visit

Visiting Cousins in the Sierra Foothills (snow & daffodils!)

Drawing Signs of Spring (Science & German)

Happy Spring!


Jen said...

What a wonderful post! Always love seeing what your family is up to. Your Ukrainian eggs turned out just beautiful! Happy Spring, Jennifer!

Theresa said...

Tan family!

These eggs are so beautiful. Come see what we are giving away, you will like I think.

Marks family

Rose said...

I love the Ukrainian eggs~happy spring! Blessings,Rose

Grandma said...

Beautiful eggs Tan family, you are so artistic! Have a fun Easter there.

Jenn said...

I love that last picture. So sweet!! :0)

softearthart said...

Happy spring to you, here we are just going into Autumn the golden leaves are starting to fall gently to the ground cheers Marie

momto5 said...

happy spring! what lovely eggs you all made.