Friday, November 19, 2010

Music at Home

Music is a large part of our lives.  We often get asked how we infuse music into our home. 

We do this every day!  We sing when we rise and we sing when we go to sleep.  We sing as we walk around the house.  At times, we sing together with the piano and work on harmony... everything from serious songs to silly stuff!

Taking lessons on the piano, guitar, harp and wind instruments occurs at certain ages.  The children select wind instruments based on interest, and Jennifer checks their fingers and embouchure.  Piano is learned first which gives a strong basis for understanding music theory and note-reading.  When possible, we perform together and in groups (band, jazz band, ensembles, recitals).  Next up is auditions for honor bands and attending music camp!

Watching professional performances, listening to CDs, and listening to Mommy and Daddy play and sing occurs regularly.  Sometimes a local symphony offers special shows for families!  We also watch each other perform at recitals and concerts.

Music theory and composition are part of what we learn at home as the children grow older.  Composition can be as simple as making up a song and singing it, to writing out the music for multiple instruments/voices. A basket full of percussion instruments (small drums, claves, afuche, guiro, triangle, bells, shakers, rattles, tambourines) and basic wind instruments (tin whistle, ocarina, kazoo) is a nice way to get everyone involved in music-making... even guests!  Learning the pentatonic and diatonic wood flutes and the lyre also occur and become a part of circle time, ritals and celebrations. 

There is no doubt that surrounding ourselves with music makes life more interesting...and brings us joy!


Anonymous said...

It's really good and encouraging to see that music plays a large part in your family and home life. I can remember growing up surrounded by music and it continues to fill the house even now. Thanks for sharing.

Moogie said...

Thank you, Tan family!
That is going to be our new years resolution, to bring more music into our lives.

Wendi said...

Music really makes a difference in how life feels. I love hearing my children singing as they go about their day.:o)