Thursday, January 6, 2011

Three Kings - Epiphany eBook

Introducing the Three Kings Day & The Epiphany Theme Book!

With Contributions by:

~ Eileen Straiton, Little Acorn Learning
~ Jodie Mesler, Home Music Making
~ Jennifer Tan, Syrendell
~ Valarie Budyar, Jump Into A Book

*Create Stunning Three Kings Finger Puppets
*Make Beautiful 'Stars of Wonder' to hang in your Home or School
*Enjoy Two MP3 Three Kings Day Songs Written JUST for Little Acorn. Learning Along with Song Sheets and Pentatonic Song Music to Use with the Penny Whistle or Flute in Your Winter Lesson Plans
*Enjoy Verses and Fingerplays in the Waldorf Tradition
*Make Three Kings Bundles and Three Kings Crunch!
*Learn More About the Meaning Behind this Sacred Festival
*Meditate on Verses from Rudolf Steiner and Others for This Season
*Read SIX Soul Warming Stories to Your Children Bringing the Spirit of The Epiphany into Your Home All Week
*Learn How to Bless Your Home on this Day
*Find Out What Colors to Use in Celebration of The Epiphany on Your Nature Table
*Create an Epiphany Bonfire!
*Teach Your Child About the Very First Christmas
*Bake Twelfth Night Cake
*Enjoy Additional Book Recommendations from Little Acorn Learning to Bring into Your Three Kings Theme

And Much More!

1 comment:

Sarah said...

I really love Three Kings Day. We had a quieter celebration than normal, but it was just what we needed.