Thursday, February 17, 2011

Form Drawing

Want to come learn about Form Drawing? Jennifer and Rick will be presenting a visual teleseminar through The Waldorf Connection on Thursday Feb. 17 at 1pm PST/4pm EST.  Free! *There will be a 48-hr free replay

 This will be a Visual Power-Point presentation so that you can "see" examples and learn about Form Drawing.

What will be covered on this call?
*What is form drawing?
*Why is it important (its more than for good hand writing)
*Who needs to learn it?
*When & How do we teach Form Drawing?
*How to incorporate Form Drawing into our lessons

Come watch this workshop on web!  It is suggested that you use the webcast link so you can VIEW this as well as listen.

Here is the link to view workshop on the web:

If you prefer to listen over the phone: 801-656-2240 ID: 006647#, or back-up number 704-804-5068 ID: 006647#

Skype: and useID: 006647#

We have also set up a *special* for Waldorf Connection participants. Hope to see you on later today!


Gabriele said...

missed it! When is the 48hrs replay?
Thanks from

Tan Family said...

Hi Gabriele! A free instant replay is available through Feb. 19:

Anonymous said...

Ack! I missed this by a day. I have been enjoying all the lectures available through Waldorf Connection. Thank you for setting me up with them.

I hope the baby baking goes well. Sending you all lots of love, love, love

Tan Family said... thank you for checking! The Waldorf Connection will have it available for purchase. If you follow them on Facebook or receive their email updates, you'll know when it's available. :)

Kifferkind said...

I just got back from travel and missed it! Is there any way to get my hands on the material even now?
Kathi Menner

Tan Family said...

Hi Kathi! The Waldorf Connection will have it available for purchase, soon. Sign up for their email or follow their Facebook page for updates. :)