Saturday, November 28, 2009

Handwork in the Dell: Fiber Arts Workshop

An amazing group of women joined us for a day of spinning, Tunisian crochet, knitting and weaving on 11/20/09. Surrounded by rovings and carded batts, we worked on spindling, learned the basics of Tunisian, started simple knitted gnomes, and looked at samples of different types of weaving. A few people tried their hand at the spinning wheels!

Lunch was at Steiner College, and we had some time to visit their amazing biodynamic gardens and the magical bookstore.

This workshop will be offered again March 6, 2009. For more information and to register:

Can't come to our handwork shop, but you would like a copy of our 20+ page handout? We have it available for sale on the same website in pdf format. The handout includes verses, songs, information about setting up the handwork room, articles about handwork, a sample circle time, and a simple pattern for knitting and Tunisian crocheting gnome puppets.

We are planning some days just for spinning and other handwork coming up after the holidays. Let us know if you would like to come to a specific type of workshop and we'll create one to meet your needs! We also travel...if interested, email us at:


Mama Rose said...

Thank you again Jennifer! I had an AMAZING time :D I'm in love with the wheel-you will have to let me know when you have your next workshop. As for the bookstore at Steiner goodness!! It was hard leaving-lol!!
Thank you again for another awesome workshop :D

Grandma said...

The workshop sounded wonderful!

Jimena said...

I would love to go to any of your classes
in March is for beginners?
we always loving your blog

Tan Family said...

Hello Jimena! Yes, this workshop is perfect for beginners. You can come with any level of ability and learn quite a bit! I would love to meet you in person. Hope to see you in March!

Marina said...

That looked like so much fun! I was really wanting to go to that but it was my youngest sons birthday (guess I really couldn't miss that, huh;})

Hope to come to another workshop of yours soon!

momto5 said...

oh how i wish i lived near you! i would love to learn to spin!