Friday, December 4, 2009


Merino Handspun Yarn (ready to knit, crochet, weave, felt or dye!

Handwork plays a central role in our homelearning.

Joey's handspun yarn Tunisian-crocheted into a mobius loop for a customer (she takes custom orders!

Rick's handcrafted and painted Syrendell snails ( terrific stocking stuffer!

Jennifer's naturally-dyed silks (orange is always a favorite!

Naturally tie-dyed cotton skirt (soft, stretchy, comfy!

Nature's Counting Blocks ( great holiday gift!

Felted acorn puppet family (we made these last year, but are bringing them out for play!)
The boys are knitting their flute cases. Joey is busy crocheting scarves. The kids are making most of their holiday gifts for friends and relatives this year. We are still weaving our Winter table runner with our handspun, naturally-dyed yarns (making progress!).
Jennifer spoke this morning in a live chat. The chat features audio, a Powerpoint presentation, and questions from attendees. Lifetime members received access to the recording today. Non-members will be able to purchase the recording soon at:
Our Handwork in the Dell eBook is now available in pdf format: and in our Etsy shop. Tools, patterns and more fiber arts equipment available in our webshop,
Rick has been busy teaching science and math at East Bay Waldorf School this week! Check out his blog, for details about teaching the digestive system to 7th graders. I think finger-crocheting the length of the intestine is happening, soon! There's always a way to integrate handwork with learning.
Steiner said in Handwork Indications (available as a free pdf download at
...during the first year of school...the child wishes to experience beauty in a living way. His soul is open to all that comes to him through the teaching of handwork. All teaching must take an artistic form. From Play, through Beauty, to Work: This is a golden path for education.

Enjoy doing handwork as a family as we move from Fall into Winter...a quiet, creative time of the year....


Mona said...

I love your beautiful handspun yarn! - And I'm always so amazed reading your blog - the colors and all that lovely handicraft. You're all an true inspiration!

Heather said...

Oh my, that is a lot of goodness in one post. Your family seems very hard a work at some beautiful handmade pieces.

momto5 said...

i love those snails! too cute. maybe i will have to pop on over and pick up a few!

heather in maine

RunninL8 said...

So many wonderful things! I ADORE those snails!!!

Jen said...

Jennifer, your Live Chat was AMAZING, as I said before. You are just a wealth of knowledge and such a lovely soul. You made all of us feel right at home in your living room! So glad I can hear it again as there was so much great info presented! The handmade treasures are beautiful & I'm so excited for Joey to be taking flight with her own creations! Congrats to Rick & I'll be heading over to his blog next! Blessings to your family!

Beth said...

You pack every posting with family happenings...busy family crafting and creating. I love the idea of finger knitting the length of the digestive system. It kind of makes me smile but must really impress the children! And your tree blocks caught my eye. What are math blocks? Beth

Tan Family said...

Hi Beth! The math blocks are wood blocks that Rick makes by hand. They feature a set of 12, along with a naturally dyed cloth that we make and a crocheted tie. You can do a variety of math activities with the blocks, including telling time! We have them in our Etsy shop, on sale right now.