Wednesday, August 11, 2010

New Yarns!

Lately, we've been inspired to create soft, warm, wool yarns for handwork projects and for sale.  They work well for doll hair, knitting, crocheting, weaving and felting.  The fiber colors inspire us to spin and spin!

Auloniad (nymph of the glen)

Bohemian Fairy

Twlight Fairy

Sylph (air elemental)

Chocolate Fudge Fairy


Linda said...

Jennifer these yarns are beautiful! You have inspired me to go and spin:)

Andrea said...


Kelly said...

Absolutely beautiful Jennifer.

Jen said...

Gorgeous, as always! :D

mummybear said...

Lovely yarns. Bohemian Fairy is definately my favourite.

Bending Birches said...

ohhh......i would so love to dig my needles into these......drooling..

onegoldensun said...

Your yarns are delicious! So lovely.

softearthart said...

Beautiful colors, cheers from New Zealand Marie