Friday, August 27, 2010

Summer Handwork Projects

Summer is the perfect time to do handwork.  We take our time to finish each project.

Ricky's clarinet teacher is about to have his first baby!  Ricky crocheted a warm blanket for the new little boy out of a thick wool yarn.  His teacher loved the blanket.

Joey found a container of "scrumbles" (aka, crocheted or knitted pieces) and crocheted and sewed them together into an artistic capelet for herself and Mommy to wear.  This style of crocheting is called freeform crochet (see more freeform at

Wilson has been knitting up squares to make a blanket for the new house our of organic, naturally dyed, cotton yarn from Babetta's Yarn (they will ship...just call!).

Next, we will be felting slippers and knitting socks in anticipation of Fall!  Our Etsy shop has some new naturally dyed and handspun yarns, as well as handwork kits with yarns and needles or a hook. 

 is a peek at the progress on Rick's classroom for Grade 6 at Davis Waldorf


softearthart said...

lovely creations and great classroom, cheers Marie

Anonymous said...

what a lovely blanket.
i love the color.
and i love cosy blankets...;-)
can you please tell me,how your son made it ?

Jen said...

Beautiful!!!! I'm always so inspired by your blog, Jennifer. You have amazing children and you & Rick are such wonderful parents to them! Congrats on your baby kitties, btw!

Tan Family said...

Thanks, everyone! Bats, my son made the blanket with all single crochets, using a size N hook to match the yarn thickness. He decided to do all singles so that the blanket would be dense and have no holes. Thanks for asking.

Anonymous said...

that sounds good,for i'm not so good in crocheting.
but i will manage single crochets...
how many wool did he need for a blanket of this size ?

Tan Family said...

Bats, thank you for the questions! I think he used about 6 balls of yarn at 65 yards each. The yarn was chunky weight.

momma rae said...

just lovely! what a thoughtful gift ricky made! love the grins that run in your family. :) i want to go to school in rick's classroom!


Kelly said...

Your son's crochet blanket is truly beautiful. What a special gift! creativity is so natural to your family. Best wishes

Anonymous said...

thanks for your patience.
i have linked your blog to mine,btw.
yours is really lovely.

have a wonderful and peaceful day.

Miss Val's Creations said...

The kids are so creative! I love it!

Jenn said...

If I could afford to send my kids to a waldorf school, I think I would do that instead of homeschool. Look at that!! A piano in the classroom! So awesome...where else are you going to see that?! :0)