Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Feng Shui in the Home

Implementing the basics of Feng Shui in your home can make a difference.  Positive energy flow, de-cluttered space, sacred spots, room color, furniture selection, elemental balance...all of these ideas and more can easily be done to provide an environment for your family that feels safe, peaceful, happy and warm.

Using the "Bagua" is one way to implement Feng Shui.  It is like a map that you can lay down onto the floor plan of your home (or office, homeschooling space, classroom, etc.).  Each area of the Bagua has a special connection to a part of your life.  Taking the time to arrange each area of your home can change the energy flow.

An easy way to learn about the Bagua is through our Bagua Journal, a colorful, easy-to-use eBook written by Rick who is a certified Feng Shui consultant.  It is available in our Etsy Shop for $8.  Rick also enjoys doing in-person and online consultations (email us if interested).  Working with Feng Shui in your home takes just a little bit a time, not a lot of money, and it feels great! 

Here's to a happy, positive, peaceful week in your home....


softearthart said...

I do not know a lot about Feng Shui, but I feel my home has a lot of positive energy flowing around it, inside and out, cheers Marie

Tan Family said...

Hello Marie! You probably implement Feng Shui into your home without realizing it. Much of it is intuitive. How wonderful! Learning about Feng Shui is a lot of fun. Cheers! --Jennifer