Thursday, March 10, 2011

Grade One Math - The Four Processes

We love how Waldorf introduces all four math processes together in Grade 1.  It just makes more sense, and it takes the fear factor out of multiplication and division.  Introducing stories and characters for each process brings the numbers to life, and the stories help children remember the function of each process.

Here are some pictures of Wilson with his home main lesson books, telling us stories about the characters and asking us for more math problems.

"A farmer digs three holes in the ground and plants two seeds in each hole." Child draws the picture, below, and figures out that 2+2+2=6, or 2x3=6.

Farmer Plus

Mr. Minus

Tommy Times

Mr. Divide


sarah in the woods said...

I love how lovely and fun Waldorf math looks. This post inspires me to look into it more for my little ones. Thanks!

Sara said...

I just finished this block with my first year son. We had so much fun. :)

MamaWestWind said...

Thanks for this post. I'm about to go into Waldorf Math with my little one. I've been a little apprehensive about it. It looks like fun.

Lacey said...

love this! Can't wait to get started on this. Would this be a 6 year old introduction?

Tan Family said...

Hi Lacey! Yes, this is perfect for a child who is 6-7 in Grade 1. In Waldorf school, the processes are often taught after the winter break, once the understanding of numbers is firmly established.

Twisted Cinderella said...

my daughter is nine years old but math has always been a struggle for her. I only recently discovered Waldorf, but I plan on purchasing ALGF's math curriculum and working with her through the whole book as I truly believe that the Waldorf way of teaching math would bring it alive for her.

Mama Goose said...

Hi there,

I forgot your son is in first just like my daughter, until I saw the math post. I really like the drawings with the farmer, we are using some very girly princesses. ;) I am curious about the numbers around the scene, plus 2, divided by three, etc... Are they part of the story or things he is supposed to work out as you go? We will be returning to math very shortly, and I liked that idea, since we have probably focused a little too heavily on addition.


Tan Family said...

Hi, Mama Goose! Yes, the numbers around the scene are part of the story and a wonderful way to ensure that the 4 processes are covered. There are always fun ways to tell stories about the farm while engaging a child with + - x /. Covering all four processes is much easier this way, rather than introducing x / later. Very exciting!! :)